I have been robbed =_=

Mother Father betul!!!

THIS* is NOT what I spent!

Ever since my dad surprised me by settling my cc bill, I have not used this card except for auto transaction from my Insurance and phone bills!

And just when I thought of settling my phone bills this morning, I saw RM1350 has been robbed away from me by some PKM asshole out there! And the irony is, the transaction date was when I was away in Bali WITH* my credit card secured in my purse
AND it is all done to buy flights from AIR ASIA!!!


What the hell is MOP* and NOU* anyway????

The customer service department lady told me to fill in a dispute form ASAP *she said she’ll fax but until now belum fax-fax ni…* =_=” and will do an investigation. She said that if the transaction is proven not done by me, they’ll scrap it off of my account.

What if they failllll???? Bapak bangang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have asked the bank to freeze my credit card else that mofo culprit will start doing more transaction for Air Asia 1,000,000 free seats sale which started yesterday. Garrrrghhhhh! PKM!!!!


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