Monday is Bobidom's 'Rant Day'

The top 13:

  • I'm half-heartedly feel that what I see is not what I want
  • My enthusiasm is flushing down the drain
  • I feel crazy getting stuck at one place. I want to travel! travel! travel! and Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan!
  • Good boys are boring. Bad boys are great. Though bad boys make a great boyfriend, good boys will still be a great husband. So which one is yours?
    *you can flip it otherwise if it makes you happy*
  • Sometimes, it does take two ways to tango. Else, dance solo.
  • I realise even the closest people in your life can be the wrong human beings to share your inner-gossip-where-you-can't-really share-with-anyone-else. Backfire is what they're concern of
    *come on... if you are not in my idiotism list, why would you be so insecure... pfft*
  • I feel like hitting people when they ask me to relax coz in reality, they are the one who SHOULD BE relaxed. Gosh!
  • Don't ever use me or other people dear to you as a mean to express your past/present problem/anger. You are welcome to share, and we are willing to lend you our ears. But don't punish us for something that we didn't do. *unless you seriously wish we treated you the same* Taken for granted is not in my dictionary.
  • This blog can be pretty mafan at times especially updating the design. Am considering new hosting. For those of you who have trouble subscribing to my RSS, gomen nasai. Justkeep on visiting as usual yeah.
  • Why does transparent braces have to cost a bomb! =_=" PKM
  • Am praying that the inventor will soon invent a money tree just like how they have in Sims 2
  • I always want to puke when I hear someone marah-marah and always thought that they are right.. padahal....~ *for once, be humble and admit your mistake. Don't be too childish... please?*
  • Masuk telinga kiri.. keluar telinga kanan. It happens to everybody until you DIE!

  • New entry: My 10 days old contact lense koyak (torn apart) this morning. OMGWTFBBQ! It dies 2 months and 20 days earlier ><" Dew leiiiiiii!!!!!!!! <- Julian yang ajar. Am not buying a new one till Hari Raya!

PMS alert? *aren't we all blaming it for girl's mood swing*
Taking us seriously and becoming good listeners does help you know...

Anyhoo scrap that coz......

Today, 11th August is Massy's Birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday Massssyyyyy!!!!

I have another 6 days before my 20 days of no meat/bread & low fat diet. *I noticed this AC Beauty Lane program is not 100% real detox... but I did apply a real detox on my first 5 days* Ganbatte!!!


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