Do not waste your food

Yo! This is Nadia again!
Last weekend, Aya *this is how my family address her at home* brought me to Sushi King to fulfil my craving for sushi (oh.. I am so happy XD)
I know I am a guest blogger here today... but I am too lazy to type. Lalalala.
So to cut story short, I'm going to teach you how to not waste your food.

Hiiiisssshhh…. Teruk kan? (awful isn’t it?)
You see... Aya loves food. If she can't finish it, she always has her live recycle bin beside her (that would be Julian Sotong).

This advertisement is brought to you by Nadia.
You can also view my other posts in Aya’s old blog OR visit my blog here too... Ohohoho.
(Aya is currently busy choosing her clothes for our trip to Bali tomorrow. Her mouth is also busy eating and translating what I wanted to say here).



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