being a real victim and a so-called victim

odd title, i know.

It's just that i've seen too many hurtful events this particular year.
From the passing of my beloved family member and important people of the world, or at least in my life,
Childish quarrels between friends,
Broken relationship, marriage and friendship,
Back stabbing,
Kes perasan and terasa,
The victim and the so-called victim.
Those whom judgment are clouded by egos,
The 'don't want to be involved',
The jumping frogs,
So on and so forth.

As an observer, i've seen a lot of dramas this year; which made me learned that,

one can break the relationship of others for the benefit of themselves.
one can self proclaim themselves as a victim and yet it was the other way around.
one can ask to be pitied to get the support of others.
one can never learn or admit they are wrong.
one can label others so many things even they never spend time with each other long enough to understand one another.
and the worst, one who actually understand the good nature of others and yet chose to bring them down, to get the support of others.

Which category do you think you are in?

Upon choosing, think again.

Are you really what you think you are?

In the end, people choose to feel hurt, and it shows how obviously imperfect human being we are.

Bernard read my Ba Zi.

After seeing the result, I was not surprised.

With the clashing of two elements, even when I always see the good in people or supported them all the way, betrayals will always happen to me.
And people will one day leave me.

That's why looking at hypocrites make me sick to my stomach.

Nevertheless, that's how life is.

It is short, and never kind.

Instead of choosing to feel hurt, why can't one choose to mend a broken relationship, regardless.

Before it's too late.


Ok..enough merepek.
Going down now for arwah tokwan's 100th day kenduri.
He is with us now in this holy month of Ramadhan *yey*.
Tok wan, I miss you so much.


1 Response to "being a real victim and a so-called victim"

J.Nadya.J said... August 30, 2009 at 6:15 AM

hi there... yeahhh i quite agreed with your statement... why one should choose to be hurt when one can choose to be happy... Life is too short to think of the sadness rather than happiness that we can do in future... its only creating sickness aite??? me myself being thru the phase of being hurt so many times this year... yeah, at first i find it very hard to forget... buttt come to think about it... whats the point of choosing to be hurt when u had the opportunity to be happy... so yeahhh... instead of sadness... i choose to be happy... yeahhhh!!!


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