Geez... I'm bored...

Had a long weekend and a loooong 1 week holiday;
unfortunately it was not about fun and games :(

Starting from last thursday; a non stop driving/going up and down to distribute HobbyCon 2009 posters... meetings up with booth owners... lining up proposals... letters... *empty stomach and rain doesn't help*...but glad that we covered most of it.

Had a wisdom tooth attack *plus infection* starting Sunday and stayed at home till today!
Imagine mama brought you to Le Meridian for a BUFFET buka puasa;
with all the delicious food, lined up in front of you;
dim sum, roasted lamb, grilled seafood, sushi, ice cream, abc, kueh, bubur kacang hitam, tandoori... ALL ended up kena kirim salam due to painful gum, plus swollen tonsil!
and IT WASN'T a nice experience!
Damn you useless tooth!

I had to pay a short visit to my office during my sick leave for an important meeting =_=, got back with worsening fever, AND missed out on SBG photoshoot today!

"Daddy... *sniff* Demam....~~~ sakit gigiiiii T____T~~~", I whined to Dino.
"Aww... It's alright if you can' t come. I got it covered. Will direct the photoshoot together with Mars"
"T____T uhu.... but I wanna goooo.... oh! and you know what? my face is ala-ala swollen like Doraemon. "
"Great! Can I have your picture then?"
"*muffled in pain* Tahi!!!!"

See what I mean by useless tooth????
Not only it made me have on and off fever, it also made me lost my appetite and the will to do just about anything =_= *ok... I don't really mind losing appetite coz I need to lose weight anyway XD*
Thank goodness there's sotong-chan for me to hug, books for me to read, blanket to cover and to warm me up, plus... my bed for me to crawl in from time to time.
Oh! and pain killer too.
That helps, even for few hours XD

Urgh...this medicine is making me sleeeeeepy~ @___@
Hopefully I can go back to work tomorrow.


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