Fiuh.. 10 more days to Raya...

... and how time flies while you're busy having fun... and busy with work XD.

Haven't been out much these days, let alone watching movie.
The Ugly Truth is out, and I'm definitely gonna watch it tomorrow night :)
*when is the showtime gonna be up???!!!*

I'm currently in love and captured by the 'Stories of the Prophets' book I bought in KL.

Yeah.. pfft!
Me????? A girl you loves chic flick book?
Reading historical book?????
Awesome right? LOL!
Seriously, it is sooo much different and better than what you were taught in school!
I learned a lot of things from it and would recommend anyone reading it ^__^


September is definitely a month when my pocket going kempis fast.
A lot of birthdays, a lot of celebrations, a lot of last minute shopping to be done for Raya!
AM not gonna have each post for each birthday unless necessary.
But whatever it is, Happy birthday September babies!

4th - Melissa
5th - Chan
6th - Chiew
8th - Kelvin
9th - Dazlynah, Cousin Hanafi and Marsiee's Mom
10th - Tasha & Farah Izyan
11th - Lai
15th - Amad
17th - Daddy Dino
24th - Marsieee
26th - Aleen
28th - Rina

Didn't I say a lot? XD

Sensei Chiew brought us to Little Italy *on my request that is* for his birthday, and oh gosh, best dinner for September! I misssssed the Tiramisu and the Trenette Arrabiata XD Thanks Chiewwwww!!!

Chiew's Dinner - Risotto

My FAVOURITE - Trennete Pasta with new 3x Spicier Arrabiata Sauce


Specially requested 4 in 1 Tiramisu Cake


Surprise tak? LOL!!!

Dinner was awesome!~ I want more!!!

For buka last night, Cici brought us to Restaurant Getaran Jiwa in Alamesra, located in between Ararat and UMS Link.
If it were'nt for the stuck up staff and slow service, everything else is perfect.
I ate Penang Char Kueh Tiaw (with kerang), plus Cucur badak and Bengka I curi from Wan's place.

The Restaurant - Getaran Jiwa

The Menu

"Getaran Jiwa" was from P.Ramlee's Song

Me loving the environment!

Satay and Bakar-Bakar Stall

Chicken Wing Bakar

Stuff to bakar!

You can also ask for Shisha

Once in a life time pose of Papa XD

Going for a body massage OR stretch class later *I haven't decided yet*, and most importantly, I cant wait to go back home, lie on my cosy bed and continue reading my book.



1 Response to "Fiuh.. 10 more days to Raya..."

maslight said... September 9, 2009 at 7:35 PM

omg, kek uzumaki @_@


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