Dino Dinosaur - 32 @ 23 Awesome Party!

To celebrate his 32nd birthday, Dino held a party at his house at no. 23.
Hence the name of the party XD
*Dinosaur pretty creative when it comes to name*

There were A LOT of people came to his birthday.
More than 40? Almost 50?
From forumers, clubbers, colleagues, gamers, friends & lovers, you name it.. his party had it all *except haters, coz Dinosaur is lovable* XD

Oh! and it was a potluck party, so food & entertainment was definitely more than enough.
BBQ, home cooked meal, fast food, junk food, booze, music inside out, games & PS3 courtesy of KC.... it was SO much fun! XD

For his birthday gift, Mei Honeybee, Jessica, BB, Jacq, WC, Lim, Jason, Mars, Rina, Serena and I bought him his favourite CUBE chocolate cheese cake! Nyum* Nyum*

Sigh.. if only the cake was cooler :(
Luckily Mei reminded me that the cake is melting XD

Below is during the 'surprise' birthday cake/song we had for him.
I quote the word surprise coz I think he saw us lighting up the candles.
Buat dunno lah tu.

But one thing for sure, we still managed to splattered some cream on Dino.
Happy birthday again Dino Dinosaur!
May all great wishes of yours will come true.

All pictures are courtesy of Kent.
Thank you Kent!!!!


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