It finally ends....@_@

When you planned so many surprise birthday party with your close friends,
most of them would've known by now on how I work on those surprises.
and THAT includes Rina XD
But sorry Rina, your prediction for your birthday is *beeeeeep* WRONG!
All thanks to Rose *hehehe*

*the long lost sister.. sorta XD*

Rose is Rina's bestfriend who just got back from Australia for her Raya celebration.
We planned for about 2 days @_@, mashed everything up and decided to bring Rina out for an early bday celebration (earlier by 5 hours XD) at Little Italy.

Among attended were Jack, Daniel Panja, Dori, Dasaru, Amber, BB, Serena and Marissa :)

After everyone finish eating, we signaled for the cake.

Check out the videos *and look at her bulging eyes at the beginning* Hahahahaha!

Basically we all treated her a big naruto tiramisu cake, large pizza of her choice and a main course + cash ang pow to assist her shopping for a new pair of jeans or other shopping spree.

Rose on the other hand bought her a cool classic pocket watch and art t-shirt *sorry Rina, we can't afford a new NDSL for you XD*

Hehehe... kaching!
Happy birthday Rina :)
Hope you had a great birthday surprise and a happy shopping spree with Rose today.


Another person who is sharing the same birth date as Rina today is Robin.

Last year, we organised a double celebration at NYNY.

This year on the other hand, BB and I headed to Alawa Cafe, previously known as YesterYears in KK, after bringing Rina around for window shopping last night.

Anyways, I like the new cafe concept.

You can dine, hang around and get karaoke for free!

But of course, you have to sing it in front of everybody XD

We tried our best to urge Robin to sing, but he wasn't drunk enough to oblige. Haha!

Didn't stay till midnite coz of strong wind and heavy rain.
My parents kept on sms-ing me to be careful and to come back home early.
So, oh well. Hehe.
Happy Birthday Robin!!!!


the end of September babies celebration.

Oh shoot!

I forgot to post Lim's bday party.

Here's a recap of him, celebrating his birthday party at Cube Restaurant, Citymall + why is he called the CSP god *check out the video on how the lights from heaven shining down upon him* HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Thank you all who joined and contributed through out the month to make all the September babies celebration successful :) Really appreciate it ^__^



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