Hah~ the 10th month of the year is finally here.
and things are just getting busier, tougher and rougher.
Did you notice that earthquake and natural disaster always hit during
the end of the year?
I mean it does hit in earlier years, but the terrible ones have always
chose to come towards the end.
The disastrous earthquake which had hit Sumatra yesterday evening
has caused a lot of damage and loss of life.
Even those in peninsular malaysia also felt the tremors.
*remembering 2005 slight tremor. I was alone, half naked doing
exercise in my apartment with NO electricity at NIGHT!*

Lets hope that everyone, especially those in Sumatra will be alright.

SBG Halloween party
is coming up and i don't have the slightest idea on what to wear @_@.
Am currently assisting on the sponsorship and working on the opening dance with Danny of CORE Fitness.
If you have the dancing skill and interested to join, lemme know.

Audition for HobbyCon 2009 stage performance is on the 25th of October at 8th Floor, Hannah Hall, Imperial International Hotel.
If you're into dancing, singing, performing, J-Pop and what other pop pop (except omputeh pop), you are welcome to the audition.
Who knows this can be a platform for u to show your skill aight?
*omg... becoming more busy*
If you're not available on those dates, we can still try to work things out for you guys.
Just email contact@hobbycon.my for any inquiries.
If you have unique hobbies and have friends that into one, you can let us know as well.


Been eating a lot of durians for the past few days.
Mama's nasi pulut with cold fresh durian was a bomb.
o my goooooooosh~~~~ *slurppp*
Not feeling guilty coz I'm still in fasting mode, bayar hutang and puasa 6 right after. Haha!

Am also back to my dance routine with Danny after 2 months of absence.
They thought I've gone malas.
But I was around almost everyday attending my stretch class with monica/angeline @__@
But 2 months of no cardio has made my stamina gone down.
Need to build it back before going for Angeline's spinning class XD

Argh internet sucks.

Will blog more later.


3 Responses to "Octo-ber!"

Lorna said... October 2, 2009 at 10:04 AM

Eeiiyyeeee... when you mentioned the natural disaster at the end of year sia pun worry. Also notice that the worst almost always happened between Christmas Day and New Year's Eve? (Greg, tsunami) Palis2!!

BTW, can't wait to see all your costumes at SBG, I still haven't made up my mind what to wear!

Aya said... October 2, 2009 at 11:16 AM

Ya betul! You know the worst part is? It's either 2 days, the day before or on my birthday 26th Dec @_@. Greg happened the day b4. Tsunami 2004, ON my bday. =__=

maslight said... October 4, 2009 at 4:52 PM

Etto, jangan makan terlampau banyak durian. Heaty season this.


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