Suri rumah berjaya.. can?

Back when I was still studying, I always have this believe that women should be strong, educated, independent and earn their own money, to be able to take care of themselves.
I don't believe in stay at home mom.
I even argued with Rizz before that I wont settle down as a housewife, that I'd want to work, earn lots and lots of money, do what I want, shop what I want and go wherever I want.
Now that I have my share of fun in 9-6pm working life, being a 'boss' so to speak, organizer and assistant to events, I'm slowly getting to a point that..."hrmmm... being a housewife is not a bad idea at all... kan Nadia?"

"I don't think you'll stand that long", she replied
"and why not???"
"coz you get satisfied and get bored so fast!"

*well, that's true. I do have the habit of getting after what I want so fast and get bored so fast too XD*

"But think about it. I want to be like those CORE Fitness hot mama's. If I'm married, and have no children yet, I can wake up at 10am, play game..."
"Playing games??? That's not a suri rumah!"
"..*ignoring*.. then I can watch tv series.."
"TV Seriesssss???? What happen to suri rumah berjaya???"
"...then I can go out to gym anytime, don't have to rush back and escape the stupid traffic jam... shopg all day..."
".. then I can.."
"Wait! Wait! Wait! Then how and where are you gonna get your money from? Rich husband??"
"Eww.. who's desperate for a rich husband when you can make money on your own? MY HOUSE, girl, is gonna be a super cool office to earn MORE than what I get every month!"
"... ... ... ok... *still a workaholic*....."

See? Being a suri rumah berjaya IN THE FUTURE is not a bad idea at all =P

I'll still stick to my believe; To be strong, educated, independent and earn MY OWN money to be able to take care of myself.

But the down side of this trait is, in MOST cases, you'll get a poor and/or a lazy husband, who knows that you're independent enough to take care of yourself and arrange EVERYTHING yourself.

So who'll get the nice2 husband? *squint at lazy bimbo girls who only know how to whine and cry to get what they want*

So to the single strong ladies out there, keep your profile low...... Reeeaaaaallly low....


2 Responses to "Suri rumah berjaya.. can?"

maslight said... October 13, 2009 at 4:31 PM

I'm just gonna say that you're not the housewife material LOL. Workaholic!

Mel C said... November 5, 2009 at 9:17 PM

Doing business from home is definitely possible these days, and it's easier if you do have some investments (especially property). You will definitely find excuses to go out anyway :) but whatever our choice is, identifying priorities (in most cases, family) and enjoying it that really counts.


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