Running... running... like a headless chicken

And I'm telling you, there are sooooo many things to do, and yet soooo little time given to finish it!

So here's another random post.


Last Sunday was the day of Hari Wanita Peringkat Sabah 2009.
Just to make things worse, it clashed with Hobbycon performance audition!
*So imagine an early morning event rehersal, then rushing for an audition then back again for the actual ceremony in the evening until past midnight*
Die man...
If it weren't for Mars and Serena's helping hand, my two hands wont be able to cope it all.
Thank you girls.

HobbyCon 2009 - Performance Audition

Hari Wanita Peringkat Sabah 2009


Aunt Margaret Fung and Mama received their Datukship title last week, and I'm truly very proud of them ;)
To celebrate, Cici and I bought her a cake and a set of her favourite Big Apple Donuts.


I had a try on a recently opened Amour Bistro cafe behind Tanamera in Lintas.
One of the food that caught my eye was the Lamb toothpick.
Cost RM13 @_@ which to me, quiet pricey.
But it's delicious!
You can also play pool here.
Oh! and the owner also own a pub beside it.
Go and try it sometime :)


Been eying on Nokia E71 and Blackberry Bold since weeks ago.
And am still comtemplating ><"
Which one IS better? @_@
When I'm putting my like on BBerryBold, people asked me to get the E71.
And when I'm doing otherwise, they'll tell me OTHERWISE!
Pfft ~_~


I still don't know WHAT to wear for Sabah Bloggers Gathering 2009.
Am stuck between two characters.
I can go either way but each of them is missing an accessory.
If you're a Sabahan blogger and haven't registered your name,
please do so QUICK!
Click here to go to SBG official website.


CYK is quoting me a great Full spec powerful PC to fit my budget.

The spec includes:

- Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo Processor E7500 (2.93GHz, 1066FSB, 3MB)
- 8GB (4x2GB) DDR2 800MHz SDRAM Memory

- Dell(TM) ST2310 23" Full HD Widescreen Monitor

- NVIDIA GeForce GT220 1024MB DDR3 - 500GB SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive
- and more....

Who doesn't want that for less than 3.5k?
Plus warranty some more XD
Am liking it and probably gonna get it by next month..
or at least before end of 2009 XD


I THINK my career is going to a new direction starting 2010.
Whether or not it's happening, am gonna wait patiently for another 2 months.
Until then, I'll just have to finish whatever is pending.
Let's pray I'll make a wise decision.



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