Do you know the feeling of watching a movie that uses different language than your own, and u entirely depended on the action and subtitle to understand what they're saying?
Like watching anime...
Korean or Japanese movie...
Spanish telenovela...
Even watching english movies in cinema or DVD have english subtitles.

But when it comes to Malay movie in the's almost.... NONE? XD

"What does 'skuping' mean again?" asked BB after we watched Papadom.
"You mean 'skodeng'?"
"Yes yes! Skodeng"
"It's kinda like stalking"
"Owh... is that even a word?"
"Dont pressure yourself. I dont think we have that in the dictionary"

See what I mean? Subtitles in GOOD Malay movies are also important.

PS: I'm so pissed at those bunch of malay with tudung girls beside me just now. They cant stop pot pet pot pet from the start of the movie till the end!!! Ergh! Bodoh!


2 Responses to "Subtitle"

Flanegan said... October 12, 2009 at 5:13 AM

that's mean my Vlog are better than them lar.. hahaha

joking joking

maslight said... October 12, 2009 at 9:10 AM

skuping hahahahahah skuping XD


flan, yeah your vlog ada kotokotokoto *mumbling XD


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