Makan-makan behind pasar :)

Do you know there is a bakar-bakar & makan-makan stalls behind the Philippine market across Le Meridian?

I bet some of you didn't know the existence of this place right? (like me XD) Muehehehe *seriously I need to explore more*

So over the weekend, Cici brought the whole family to eat there, and it was awesome.

See what I mean? It was a seafood bbq all the way! XD
You can also get the usual stuff, i.e. air kelapa, air tebu, chicken wing bakar, etc...
Cheap2 vegetable and fresh fish are also available for sell *nama pun pasar kan?* :)

What I love most about this place is because of this:

It's called anggur laut (sea grape???)..
and it was my first time seeing this... thing ^O^.

The anggur laut was sooooo delicious when you mix it together with your own sambal lada kicap and mangga mentah! Nyom nyom nyom!

My family also asked me to try on the 'Putu' ubi.
I dunno what the hell was that.
All my life, the only 'Putu' I know is the Indian - Putu Piring and Putu Mayam XD

Apparently, you have to eat this with sambal or your seafood bakar / lauk.
Eating it on its own is tasteless XD

Before going to this place, there's a word of advice though...

Do remember asking those vendors about the price FIRST before ordering your heart out.
They can simply charge you suka hati even though you are a local!
*these people are sleek i tell u*


When all Americans gathered to remember the Sept, 11th tragedy, somewhere in the land of Borneo, there was a boy who celebrated his birthday!

And it was Lai! Hohohohoho!

After so long, all of us colleague finally got together.
Chiew and Foxy Cleopatra was there too! ^__^

Here are some of the pictures from his Bday Party at Burger King.

In the office, we have an inside joke about Lai and the BrokeBack Mountain movie.
Since he's well known for it, we decided to give him a special birthday message on his cake XD

LOL! Happy belated birthday Lai!



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