Wohoo! I'm back!!!

And my mouth can open wide enough to eat 10 layers of burger. Muahahahahahaha!

Now that my appetite is back, I have a list of what to eat tonight, tomorrow and the day after.

Let's start with snack.

I've been keeping myself discipline from drinking too many sweet drinks lest I become jello. But now, what the heck, I've lost some weight *thank you fasting month* So am gonna reward myself with some treats.

My choice for tonight would be Yoyo Chocolate Tea! Yey!

Oh! This pic was taken weeks ago.
The girls advised me I should label my food and drinks if am keeping em in the office coz there had been some cases where people actually steal you food! *so much for civilized office people =__=*

In my home fridge also are the Beard Papa Cream Puff.
Remember when I asked mama to bring back from KL?
Yes. And she bought a lot! Wohoo!

Oh~ it's soooo creamy and yummy.
The dough is soft too and the filling is VERY generous.

Aside from that, I need to find a day to revenge what I missed out during buka puasa at Le Meridian *damn you wisdom tooth* which I recommend you guys to give it a try too!
It's a bit pricey thought *I appreciate my mom more here :P* costing around RM75 per head.
But it's worth it.

See what I mean.
Sakit hati kan?

I wonder if you guys heard of Burger King new promotion.
It's called 'Are you up for BBQ Beef Bacon Cheese Stacker?'

As you can see, they have it in Gutsy size, Defiant size and Fearless size.
Of course, I went for Fearless *Masa tu gigi tak sakit lagi hohohohoho* and here how it looked like:

When it comes to eating burger, I have a habit of my own since I was little; that is to stack a lot of fries on top of the burger patties and top with 2-3 packs of chili sauce right after.

The taste? Nom nom nom nom~

If you're a big and FAST eater, try out Sushi King Big Bowl Challenge.

YuP! If you can finish the BIG bowl of noodle, in 10 minutes time (including the soup... squeaky clean~) you can say goodbye to your noodle bill. Else, kuang kuang kuang~~~ kena pay la XD
BB was the first customer to try this, so let us wait for his blog post soon ok?
*cursing camera.."why can't I transfer the video!"*

Am also craving for Little Italy's Trenette Arrabiata and their Tiramisu cake.
But THAT am gonna get on SUNDAY coz it is a special occasion for someone.
*evil laugh*
Talking about cake, Lenore told me Chocolate Cheese Cake in Cube has been put on hold.
Not sure what happen, but am gonna check with Mei.
Huhuhuhu... I miss the light cheese and bitter sweet chocolate taste.
Eating it with hot/cold Vietnamese Coffee is simply heaven.

Ok!!! Enough food talking.
Gila tamaaaaak!
Another 4 hours to go.



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