I *heart* being showered with gifts, surprises & love!

Even digitally XD

Here's the last of 5 boxes of Pet Society present given by Afzakri.

See? 'Aya' is sooo happy.
*yes, i decided to change and put my nick name for my pet. Haha!*

To show my *kof *kof gratitude, I fed a cupcake to his pet Zakkusu and sent a delicious whole cake to both Zakkusu and Afzakri . hohohoho!

Isn't it wonderful if we can send delicious cake over the internet. LOL!

One of the gifts that made me go rofl are the sotong-head and a school girl uniform.

Much reminded me of BB's fetish. LOL!!!

Massy too has been showering me with gifts.

Oh! An her pet, Emix, always entertain Aya with guitar performance XD

Nah! Whole cake for you too! LOLX.
*se-pesen jak si Massy & Afzakri ni... XD*


Keep the present coming people! Weeeeee~~~

*ok.. i better sleep*



2 Responses to "I *heart* being showered with gifts, surprises & love!"

maslight said... September 17, 2009 at 9:19 PM

waw I got cakie XD

anyways u reduce the resolution? @_@

Aya said... September 18, 2009 at 12:18 AM

oh yesh. coz internet sucks. had to off the high quality button so that it move smoothly XD


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