Happy Malaysia Day!

Hey, have you guys watched the latest short film in 15 Malaysia?

It's called 'Rojak' by the Suleiman Brothers, and the art direction was from Bulma, my ex-housemate/friend XD *so proud of you girl!*

Noticed the jawi text when the pakcik ala2 ustaz spotted a couple kissing in the car?

This is the translation:

"Kena tapis 18sx"

The best part was:

"KENAPA TAK AJAK SEKALI?" <-- (omg... this is hilarious XD),

The team must have made it purposely XD
You have to pause at this part to read it carefully coz the text moved quite fast.

And the last part was,

"Ingatlah tuhan, Tak kena ajar ni!"
"OMG!" which obviously you guys can read this one.


Since today is the Malaysia Day, *16th Sept* (the last day for Merdeka celebration for every year)... it is also the end for 15 Malaysia short films for year 2009 as well.

Let us hope they will continue making this project and also get more interesting and entertaining short films next year!

Happy Malaysia Day people ;)


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