owh man... what a boring saturday

I never knew how to just sit down and chill out.
All these while, it's all about work, work and work.
Like a daily routine all the way to the weekend.
Planned to go for a Thai massage at D'junction.. but as you know, I lost my money/stolen.
Syabas =_="

Mama is making pulut durian downstairs *too bad BB. You're having fun with your DnD session*
Nadia is currently watching TV *I'm bored watching E!. Owh! Did you heard Eminem - Warning song? Wahlau.. siaplah kau Mariah~!)*
Cici is bz with the Film Festival Malaysia preparation...
Papa? No comment. The usual.

Am loving Taylor swift new song on the radio - You belong with me.
The video clip contained split personality.
The good and the bad Taylor swift.
Just like Avril in her girlfriend MTV.
But most importantly, the cute 'howdy boy' kid from Hannah Montana movie was in it XD
Am such a typical 'old' high school at heart girl *heh XD*

Oh! I've been listening to "good girls go bad" song over and over but never knew the girl in the song was actually Leighton Meester!
The one who played Clair Waldorf in Gossip Girl?
I was surprised to see her in the music video during cycling at gym XD
Apparently she's a singer-song writer too! nganganga... am so outdated.
But in GG, I still prefer Blake Livel :P

My my, how could I forget?!
I had an opening dance performance with 3 other CORE Fitness members for Citymall's Bridal Exhibition last afternoon.
The event started 10 minutes earlier than expected (what the...) and we were all like cacing kepanasan, panicking behind stage.
But alas, it was great and FUNny.
Funny coz Danny (THE TEACHER) got the counting wrong at the VERY BEGINNING and everyone else followed him except me XD
Vanessa who were supposed to be at the same line with me went to the front row?
It was hilarious.
We were laughing our ass off right after our 2 minutes performance.
(See? Look what nervousness can make you do?)
2 minutes can even feel like 2 hours! XD
By the time we were about to finish, Mars just arrived (4pm like what I told her to).
*pats Mars (still, thanks for supporting anata)

Oh well.

Let's just hope tomorrow's second performance will be perfect.
*Well it better be coz ALL medias will be there @__@*
The show gonna start around 3-4pm... maybe 3.30pm... 3.45pm.. 4pm sharp? I dunno... depends.
If you're a couple and about to get married... or just want to syok sendiri for your FUTURE wedding, well hey, drop by Citymall tomorrow (Sunday) aight?
You can also entertain yourself by witnessing how my friends and I embarrass ourselves on stage. XD

Mama called.
It's time to eat Durian!
Pictures/videos will be posted tomorrow.
Stay tuned!


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