Film Festival Malaysia 2009

Now, it's time for the second post of the day :P
I had thought of skipping this post, but I really want to share it with you guys somehow :)

As you might have known, the 22nd Film Festival Malaysia (Grand Night) was held on the 8th August 2009 at the Chansellor Hall of UMS.
The very reason why I wanted to attend FFM at the first place was of course, to meet arwah Yasmin Ahmad.
But god loves her more, she went earlier than all of us.

Anyways, let's talk about FFM in general.
The event I have to say was "so-so" organised.
Can be improved.. in terms of their early promotion....
Some of my media friends tried to get event press release beforehand for add up promotion, but the only respond they received from the main organizer was ultimate blurness and their only hope was DBKK would do all the jobs for them.
With little street buntings around, you can clearly see that the only way to promo and get people to fill in the big UMS Chansellor hall was by sponsoring them free tickets.
Free to meet celebrities.
Free to be on TV.
Free to watch movie DURING office hour.

Due to work and meetings (which last minute POSTPONED!), I missed the first day of the award which was attended by mama and cici.
I also missed the dinner with the celebs and legends on day 2.

Mars, BB, Serena, KC and I only went for the grand night.

So being the FREE ticket holder, of course we have to sit at the far back, second floor.
By the time we arrived, the seats were all taken and RESERVED.
They should make NO RESERVE policies.

In the end, we were all separated.
Jeeeez... ><" AND all of us had to call and sms each other just to gossip and express how pissed off we were with our seats, to the people beside us (both left and right) *there was one stupid and irritating girl who just cant chew her chewing gum quietly! Biatch!* and how the host on tv looked funny during off-air.

But here comes the good part..
*which make me love my sister more*
We got the VIP seats, right in front of the stage. MUAHAHAHAHAH!!!!
How did we get there, don't ask.
Long story XD
The point is, I loooooooved my seat.
And what makes me happier is that I'm seated with my sis, mama and BB side by side ohohohohoho.
KC on the other hand was seated behind me and Serena and Mars is secured at the seats behind him *phew*

We saw arwah Kak Yasmin Ahmad's parents and Talentime crews on our right hand side.
During the special tribute for Kak Yasmin, it hurts to see them crying and having the camera focusing on them non stop.
It was an emotional moment for all.

Kak Yasmin's younger sister was called up to the stage after the announcement of Kak Yasmin as the Best Director of FFM.
She couldn't go on with her words when she storied the audience, "Kak Yasmin told me once, that the reason she made film is because....."
Everybody then kept silent and applauded in the end to support her for being so strong.

Mohd Shafie of Talentime also won the Best Supporting Actor award (the boy who played as Mukhsin in Mukhsin the Movie). Unfortunately Shafie couldn't attend the event, so shota boy, Howard Hon represented him instead.

At the end of the event, I managed to convey my condolence and at the same time congratulating them for winning the awards.
Didn't get to meet Kak Yasmin's parents & Sharifah Armani because they went back to the hotel right after the event; which most of us practically understand why.

So instead, we took the opportunity to meet other crews such as Mei Ling who played Jason's mom in Sepet (and a chinese-muslim maid called by her real name also in Talentime), Mahesh, "Shota Boy" Howard Hon and Sukania Venugopal who played as Mahesh mom.

Apparently shota boy is 17 years old.
He is sooo cute.
*kof *kof
He wanted to become a film director one day, that's what he told us.

Anyhow, It was pretty awkward when; you want to feel happy for their achievement but at the same time you know they cant be as happy as you expected them to be because someone important to them (and us too) just passed away.
So yeah... awkward.
Buuuuuuutttt... I'm still very much happy to meet them :)
Very thankful for that:)

Oh~! Also... I met my Uni friends!!!

I met Isma!!!!

Isma, Me, Howard and BB

"EH! Nok!!!" I called out to him *that's what we called each other back in KL*
"Nyaaaahhhh!!!... Ko buat aper kat sini?!! Aku dah nampak ko tadi tauuuu. Aku lambai-lambai ko tak nampak"
"Aku nampak laaaa! Ko kan duduk sebelah Sharifah Armani.Korang tengah sedih-sedih, camna nak lambai kat ngko"
"Yer lah nyah... aku gembira jumpa ko tau..tapi susahla.. kitorang semua tengah sedih ni tau.." "Yer... faham.We all do"
"Eh.. ko dah tengok film setem tak?? Aku berlakon kat dalam tau!"
"Tak keluar lagi lah.Mesti lah nak tengok sebab ada Afdlin Shauki"

Mesti dia marah.
But this conversation took place before I watched the movie in KL with BB *KL post right after this*.
And yes, SETEM the movie was great.
Isma was in it and he looked somehow funny inside the movie.
I can't help feeling pity for his character XD
It's a must watch ;)

I also met Nizam and Diani!

A brief intro, Nizam and Diani (my Uni smart-talented-to-the-max-love couple-of-mmu friend) is the bos for Les Copaque.
Their animation, Geng: The Movie won best animation for FFM.

The best thing is, all of the team came down to KK.
Anas, Zaid and Wan too!
Diani said Zaid is getting married soon (which i know, coz I stalked his facebook last month) hahahaha.
AND i finally met Wan's wife.
She's uber cute.
I really didn't know he's married tho, coz obviously this little hermit always been a quiet-but-dalam-hati-macho guy.

During the post party, we were all very happy to meet some of the celebrities up close.
Especially my mom *I was her photographer, fyi XD*

Serena went all frantic with Linda Jasmin's son.
To her, 'HE' was her shota boy *kakak scary okay*

Mars and KC didn't took much picture. So i got them to do the 'peace' sign.

The once in a life time 'peace' sign by KC

BB wanted to take picture with Amber Chia, but his butt was too heavy to move to find her.
I on the other hand took a picture with my child hood idol.
Eizlan Yussof XD

FFM in KK was a great experience.
If it weren't for the stupid haze, I'm pretty sure their experience in KK would be more memorable.
But after coming back from KL last Sunday, I realised the haze in KL was much worse! XD Uhuh~~~

KL trip post coming up! Yey~~~!


2 Responses to "Film Festival Malaysia 2009"

maslight said... August 18, 2009 at 1:28 PM

oi serena wut r u doing?! *geleng kepala..

omg Linda Jasmine's son = future bishi? @_@

Serenadez said... August 20, 2009 at 9:00 AM

massy: XD XD XD!!! he's so cute! i was fangirling him! LOL! yes! he's definitely a future bishie!!!


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