Is my soul still stuck in KK?

A week of supposedly a holiday for me ended up doing
office and design work every night till 2 to 3am in the hotel too.
The call just can't wait, can they?

I've been trying to upload my Citymall dance video,
but the file is just too big.
I had to get back to kk and convert into smaller size first.
*Hence, the 'basi' post gotta wait*
Will update more on the dance and FFM *if I still have the mood*
as well as my KL trip once i get back.

In the mean time, KL trip now is all about Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan
and finding our own way around via KTM and Monorail.
No car nor taxi this time XD

Been having a blast time walking around with BB from one mall to another and he's just sooooo happy eating at all the restaurant I brought him to; and not forgetting our visit to all the major book stores.
LOL! He's in heaven now.
Better not disturb the happy kid.
I too been closing one eye on my diet muehehehe
*it's ok.. puasa is coming up next week hohohoho*

I didn't do much shopping ;)
*Isn't that a miiiiiracleeee?*
Even with ALLLLL the temptations towards the mega sales and product displayed, I managed to hold on to my money for something more important *Yey I'm cured*
Except one though.. hehehehe :P
Will never miss a collection from Key Ng.

Anyhow, I finally met BB's mom.

Ouw nous... it's almost 4am.
I better sleep @__@.
Tomorrow is my last day to enjoy before going back to work hell.
Nites ^___^


2 Responses to "Is my soul still stuck in KK?"

a.l.u.s said... August 15, 2009 at 8:00 AM

Happy Holiday!!!
Forget about ur diet la..
Just makan!!!!! :P

maslight said... August 15, 2009 at 8:16 AM

WORKAHOLIC! apa ni. inda tau apa tu cuti punya urang. *katuk kapala fara.

anyways *cough. So, this whole trip is about meeting the parents huh LOL XD


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