A long drive for maggie

And that's what a sister can make you do.
After doing our normal (konon) bazaar ramadhan shopping *we still bought A LOT of food even though we promised not to be so tamak*, we needed to find a place to sit down together to break fast.
So Cici suggested to lepak at a kelapa bakar stall, located at the roadside on the way to Salut.

"Sedap kaaa??? So far???!"
"Sedap aya! the way the pakcik cooked the maggie, sluurrrp! nice~"
"errr... *as usual, thinking about my petrol* ok. kita try. If tak sedap, I tonyoh the maggie in your mouth"
"OK-ok.. to me it's sedap. THE WAY he cooked sedap" *trying her best not to be blamed later on*"
*me - squinting eyes, contemplating, but curious to try*
"ok fine"

Then we drove allllll the way to the kelapa bakar stall, waited for an hour and tried our best NOT to gossip during this holy month LOL!

Upon breaking fast, the maggie arrived.
The good news is, Hrmm~ the maggie is quite nice :P
The bad news, we couldn't finish or even touch our tapau-ed food.
My stomach is bloody terkejut to receive all the food after a long day of fasting =__=
The worst? The place suddenly blacked out 10 minutes before time buka puasa @___@
Dugaan betul hahahaha.
But it was an experience for us siblings.

Ok now.. as for the food...
The keropok lekor?
Like I said, Keropok Lekor in Tg Aru is 10 times better even when it's cold'
The Cendol??
We bought TWO from different stall to try.
One is epic fail and the other is half way there....
or less.
The pisang goreng?
Hrmm~ not bad.
The rest.. i.e. Air tebu, kueh-kueh, chicken wing, etc... UNTOUCHED XD

So the lesson? *which has been reminded over and over again* DON'T buy so much!

For break fast today, I want to go to Sugarbun.
At this point of time, I'm craving for molases taste in my throat so badly and I didn't get them yesterday *that includes dark mocha frappuccino. They only have it in 1Borneo branch. Wth??*

So the closest taste of cendol with molases that i could think of now is the Sugarbun Milky Tea.
Oh~ So thick and delicious.

Can't wait!



4 Responses to "A long drive for maggie"

naith_kk said... August 26, 2009 at 7:22 PM

Coconut pudding!!! but nowadays their pudding is plain flavoured jelly... cheapskates sometimes... >.<

vicy said... August 29, 2009 at 4:53 AM

Blog Walking here..Have a blessed weekend

Anonymous said... October 29, 2009 at 1:37 PM

sinful delicious berlemak cendol, u can get it from Baba & Nyonya Restoran in Milenium SHoplot.. Next to Krishna CUrry Fish Head... Let me know what u think ;)


Aya said... October 29, 2009 at 2:12 PM

Hello Anne!

Yes! I finally tasted the cendol at the Baba Nyonya restaurant 2 weeks ago. Sinfully delicious!!!! Will blog about it soon! Thank you! =3


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