Which Saint are you?

omg.... XD

Am soooo happy!

I just watched the new Saint Seiya: The lost Canvas.
The new drawing has improved and changed SO much.

It felt weird at first coz it's somewhat different but still a bit the same... @_@

Let's just say that the drawing has lost its classic touch (which in honest truth, I still love it till today) and a modern anime style has been put into it.



Even Athena looks much better in this XD
In the old series, she kinda look short and fat in the 'malas' mode episode.

*did you notice that almost every single animes that has more than 100 episode
will have it's lazy drawings in some episodes?*

and now... tadaaaaa~

In addition to that, she has bigger boobs too! Gagagagagaga!
*it's soooo Ah! My Goddess man....*

Anyway, there's a lot of bishounen in this latest season.
Even the gay characters, where in the old classic look like 'pons' now look SO macho... hohohohoho *slurrrrp*.

Thanks Hafeez for informing me about this new season XD

And for the old AND COMPLETED series/seasons, am currently watching it in AnimeCrazy *thanks to Nadia of coz*


Be it old drawing or new, both really enlightens my mood.
But heck, classic still rocks regardless.
*squealssssss* XD



1 Response to "Which Saint are you?"

Sakuya-Chan a.k.a Ceres said... July 3, 2009 at 9:47 AM

i gonna watch this~


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