Ice Blended Cappuccino @ The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

My diet almost spoiled over the last weekend.
With the coffee bean food tasting last Friday.
Bus Stop Pizza last Saturday *can't help it!!! Paksu gave it for free!*
And Sushi King YESTERDAY!
Last weekend was soooo sinful and dangerous.....

It's not that I ate much.
But still, I'm guilty. Heh :P

If you missed out on the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf food tasting last Friday (10th July), well here's what we've been served.

Courtesy of Mr Charles Chuan, the training manager of the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, we were first served with the creamy Cappuccino Ice Blended WITH low fat milk (believe me, I asked beforehand :P).

You can get this for RM13 for a regular size ;)
If you're lactose intolerant, you can request for soy milk instead of regular milk.
But don't blame me if it taste... different.
I haven't tried.. so i don't know.
Hrmm.. maybe I should try XD
Soy milk is loaded with protein, no?

To add more 'ummph', ask the barista to add more coffee, or lessen the milk. Either way, it's your call. You're the boss.
Don't ask them to put milo sudah.

For dinner, I had a slice of each of these.

Turkey and Melted Cheese Sandwich, RM12+

Tuna Sandwich Panini, RM12+

Am loving the turkey sandwich... BUT it tasted quiet salty *considering I've been teaching myself to eat less sodium nowadays*

Wouldn't it be great if they have the nutrient fact for all F&B in the menu? Like KFC and McD? *yes.. I'm becoming nutrient freak* At least I know what and how much I stuff in my mouth.. hehe XD

Anyhow, both dishes are in their regular menu AND bigger portion ;)

As for dessert, here comes the Chocolate Brownies, RM8.50.

At a first bite, I love it.
2nd bite, I punched myself to stop.
*must not get carried away*

To be honest, I love the walnut filling.
I just don't fancy the chocolate on top XD
So i asked my vacuum cleaner a.k.a BB to eat the top ONLY and leave the rest for me. Muehehee.

Rina became our mascot of the night XD

My girls and I sipping the delicious new Cappuccino Ice Blended

...and cam-ho of course

I've been eying on the biscotti since I stepped into the outlet.

"To buy.... or NOT to buy" I was contemplating
"You want biscotti?" Serena asked
"Mmmm.. yeah... but I missed Izwan's biscotti.. Uhuhuhu"
"Cis... si perepot! XD"

In the end, BB still bought me 1 stick of Almond Biscotti for RM2.

But I didn't like it :(

I still want Izwan's biscottiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :(

Oh well.

Maybe I just poke him one day and ask him to bake one for ME... ONLY.. hehe!

It's been awhile since I last hang out and chit chat with a bunch of friends, so with everyone still high on coffee, (BB, Marissa, Rina, Eric, Amber, Dizzy, Beatrice, Serena, J.Na *I just pretend J.Na was there even tho she was at a boot camp :P* and I) stayed till about 10pm+ after chit-chatting about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!

About MJ lar... old cartoon series like Captain Planet, Denver the Last Dinosaur, Jam and the Hologram lar... and a lot more, including old MJ games; of which I can see Dizzy became really dizzy... *coz she's the late 80s baby* Aww... :P *btw girl, you look awesome. Slimmed down so much!*

And the best part of all, listening to Eric's hotel line experience.

You just never know what's happening behind the door @__@.



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