Why does it have to be so expensive???

RM6 for a SMALL/KIDS/CIPUT portion of Kueh Teow?
The cafe downstairs only charged RM4 for a BIG portion and taste better weh!
Might as well I drive to McD and have myself a set lunch.
Not only that.. it's darn OILY and TASTELESS!
Sucks man!
Even the Nasi campur's fish is bloody hell SALTY.
Ewwww... =___=

It will be the first and the LAST time i'm going to Wisma Perindustrian cafe.



1 Response to "Why does it have to be so expensive???"

maslight said... July 2, 2009 at 7:35 PM

astaga, *facepalm. Makan lah di bus stop pizza wakakakkaka


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