Why is it sooo hard to find parking in Gaya Street???

My girls and I finally went to the 'hu-ha'ed Bus Stop Pizza at Gaya Street for lunch today.
Surprisingly it was a VERY small shop located nearby Milimewa superstore.

For a single dish/pizza, It'll cost RM6nett.
But if you feel a single pasta or pizza is not enough, *like me* get the set for RM12. It's inclusive of 2 dishes (Choose pasta with meatball or Pasta with Pizza) and a soft drink.

So I chose Fettuchini with beef bolognaise and a Meatball dish.

My comment?
The pasta is NOT GREAT at all.
The meatball dish was fine.
It even looked and tasted like the healthiest meatball on earth with lots of green stuffed in it *please, I'm being sarcastic here*
But seriously, it's fine.
I gave away the bread to marissa and left another untouched.
She had a turkey pizza by the way.
I tasted the Pizza, buuuut it was so-so.

Aaaaaaanyhow, skip that.

I had a fun day hanging out with BB yesterday ^___^

Took an off day to settle some personal stuff, but even with the off day, my schedule was packed!

Had my hair trimmed+layered at my usual place (Haircut Hairspa, Lintas) in the morning and I LOVE THE RESULT!
*Don't mind my hair above coz the after salon effect is fading out*
Sadly, this nicely blown hair will go back to normal once I finished gym tonight :(
Julia said I can make it stay that way by putting extra effort to blow it with hair-dryer every morning but I just dont have time for that XD
*You know how early i get up every morning?*
Anyway, Julia relocated her shop which is bigger now *but less homey.. i miss the red couch*.
She told me to colour my hair but I'm saving it for Hari Raya.. heh :P

Met Aunt Tracy at Fressh, Citymall after that for my insurance and savings update. *YES! I invest and I save*.
For lunch, Aunt Tracy treated me Fressh Tuna wrap set and later had our dessert at CUBE. Weeeee~
Ate 1/2.. yes HALF of CUBE chocolate cheesecake *I'm not guilty* and cold Vietnamese coffee with milk *I made it look like in the promo poster nyahahahaha* - Thanks Aunt Tracyyyy!!!

Before the KK Jazz Fest post mortem meeting, BB & I went to draw out money and cash in some cheques, stopped by DBKK to apply some event forms and the best part of all, to Wisma Merdeka for some Takoyakis and shoe shoppinggggg!!!! XD Yeyyyyyyyyy!

I bought this for RM59.90!

We even dropped by 'Memories' at the 6th floor just to look see look see *sniggers*
I was contemplating to go in at first coz I don't want BB to get mojojumbo ideas or feel pressure or... *you know the boys* but.. but... I saw one dress that i liiiiiiiiiiike!!!!
So I HAD to go in.
But I went speechless when the staff asked "so when is you big day?"
"aaaaaaaaaa.........~" *I heard crickets here*

During the KK Jazz Fest post mortem meeting, Jack was announced as the new chairman for the next KK Jazz Festival ;)

The meeting ended earlier *thank goodness for that*, and we proceeded with fetching KC at home, drove to 1B to meet mama for dinner at Old Town White Coffee before meeting up Mars & Lim to watch Public Enemies.
As what Mars said, Johnny Depp was great, but the story sucks!
Not tooo sucks la.. just a-ok.
2/5 from me.
Let's just hope Harry Potter tonight will be better.
*cross fingers*


1 Response to "Why is it sooo hard to find parking in Gaya Street???"

maslight said... July 16, 2009 at 4:24 PM

LOL gaya street, city area, dari pagi sampai malam gitu sija tu.

Pasta inda sukup kuah, that's all I gotta say.


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