What blood type are you?

2 days ago, Aunt Tracy asked what blood type I am in.
So I said AB... *i think*
"Owh.. so you can't eat chicken"
"what??!!! No way!!! I LOVE chicken I could die without it!"
"You better check into it girl ;) It might help."
Eesh.. =__=
Health and diet stuff again?
I mean, I have heard of this type of diet before but never really bother to look into it.
Honestly, what's the point?
As long as you make sure what you eat is right and in moderation? No?
Maybe... :(
Then.. last night, coincidentally, I stumbled upon this book at Popular BookStore.

So I got curious, I flipped and glued myself to the AB section.

"Oh shit... BB!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"It's true! We can't eat beef, chicken , duck, pork, goose, veal, quail... *I went on and on*"
"Wth???? No chicken??? No duck??? How can I be Chinese if like that???? Noooooooooooo"
"Huhu... :( ... there.. there... *trying to console* but you still can eat steam fish.. that's still a chinese dish :)"
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!" <--- in a state of trauma. This morning, I conveyed what I discovered to my girls and shared some of the food chart I found from Dr Lam's website.

"Serena.. you're a hunter. O blood type can eat high protein but low Carb"
"Mars... For B-type, you're a nomad. You can eat what I cant... but... Oopps.. you two can't eat pork."
"NOoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! I love Babi!!!!" Serena squeals
"Owh shit! I cant eat Ice cream???? I can't eat Potato??? But I love POTATO!!!" Rina, the A blood type traumatised.
"Oh nooo!!! No corn for me.. shit!! I cannot eat coconut and pomegranates!!!!" Mars continued
"Nooo~~~~ what??? I can't eat this too??? (*@#^$(*@#"
The department then echoed with the endless "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" sound.

"*sniff* I'm now torn between feeling grateful and hateful right now T___T" Rina said, feeling upset obviously.


The girls must hate me by now.. heh :P


If a book is written so well, so creatively imaginative... it will be hard to make it into a great movie and to explain the details to those who haven't read or follow the series.
That's what happened to Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince.
Too many missing characters and chapters.
I got bored half way.
To those who read, they might understand the complication in putting this book into the movie.
As to most of the audience, especially who watched it for the first time, definitely didn't get the point and only found certain part funny or sad.
That's why lar... sudah 6th book baru nak tengok! Pandai betul!

Oh well.

I can't wait how they're going to compress the final book in the next movie *ESPECIALLY the ending*. Till then, we can only wait and see :P

Anyhow, it was raining cats and dogs last night.. and strong wind didn't help.

This is what happened to me on my back after sending Rina home.

Yeah. See the tyre track on the divider?
The muddy ground on the divider has sunken in due to the heavy vihicles before me.
So my tyre got stucked there for a few minute.
Poor piper.
Luckily the area is well litted *else, I'll be crying alone in the dark T___T*
After a few rempit try, I'm back on the road alhamdulillah :)
Lesson to learn, drag Rina to stay at my place next time.
No way am gonna drive late night to that area again.


3 Responses to "What blood type are you?"

Eric Constantine said... July 17, 2009 at 5:20 PM

I'm O O O :P

Serenadez said... July 17, 2009 at 5:32 PM

XD i'm under the hunter's blood type (blood type O). :)

Sakuya-Chan a.k.a Ceres said... July 18, 2009 at 1:02 AM

if me~ im not only "noooooouuuuuuuuuu" saje~ i will~ go to terjun bangunan ni~ ape lar~ x boleh makan ini makan itu~ XD



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