The things u hate

is what u usually end up doing...working...or eventually loving it. *hopefully*
I never fancy sports, let alone exercising.
During school marathon, i'd find whatever excuse I could think of to escape.
Period pain lar...
Sick lar...
Asthma lar...
It's true.
I do have asthma.
But now I realise, sports DO help with your asthma AND period pain.

If you're my frequent reader, you'll notice that I'll always go to the gym, hitting on the elliptical machine and treadmill in between, strength training and dancing.
Some people recommended yoga to me.
But I don't fancy yoga seriously.
Sitting and stretching in silence...
Isn't it boring?
I seriously can't focus, I kid you not.
I'll start to think what to eat.. where to go...
What yoyo flavour I want to drink...
work.. *oh shit.. I have 2 proposals to finish!*
See what I mean?

My first attempt to join yoga last year was awful.
When people were still stretching, I'd lift my head couple of times and wondering "are we done yet?"
Then, Monica the yoga instructor asked me to put my head down again.
After few seconds, I lifted my head again and thought,
See? This shows how very impatient person I am :P

But now that I learned I have a water retention problem/poor blood circulation from Monica and Angeline, I'm now beginning to learn Yoga.
Angeline said, my upper body sweats easily, but my bottom half doesn't AND the muscle is TIGHT.
This is due to many blockage in the lymph vessels in my hip/thigh/calve area.
Hence, I have to attend stretch class at least 3-4 times a week to stretch it out, elongate the muscle and open up the blockage to slim down my lower body part. Huhu.

This morning *8.30am that is!* was my second 2 hours fat burning + therapeutic stretch class.

Let's just hope, for another 2 months at least, I'll stay patient and bear good result, yeah?

Wish me luck! :)



2 Responses to "The things u hate"

maslight said... July 25, 2009 at 7:14 PM

guilty as charged. I'm very lazy when it comes to exercising. the best part is, I got someone to nag me about it. XD

Weight Loss said... July 27, 2009 at 6:44 PM

I Ccongratulate you on you efforts. Going to the gym is hard but it is well worth the effort. Just remeber to stick at it.Well done!


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