The ultimate bobidomness


Cyberjaya.TV, the first internet TV in Malaysia - a place where I was born and grew to learn to love the world of TV entertainment, TV production and directing. In the picture was some of the Ex Cyberjaya.TV team - 2004

From the left, Chicken (it's actually chee kin, he asked people to call him that), Rizz, Rastam (Anak Tan Sri yang sangat vogue-d-vast, sangat sporting, sangat baik hati dan segala2nya. miss him!), Sazu (my beloved producer who taught me a lot - she's now a producer for NTV7 prime news) and finally Simon! (the one with the red shirt - my favourite funny deejay, now working with Simon is the first person who likes to call me by my yahoo nick. Behold...

"Her Yahoo! nick I thought it was just the most ingenious thing i ever heard and soon the term 'bobidom' was popularized and the trend spreaded like wildfire! Suddenly everybody wanted to live the 'bobidom' lifestyle and we wore 'I love bobidom' tshirts and we had 'bobidom' ring tones. And then it became just 'dom'. We domed non-stop till the break of dom. On a serious note, beneath this very sweet young lady and her gorgeous smile is a talented filmmaker who will film and direct the first of the bobidom chronicles and will go on to marry the OC. Your destiny has been laid out for you and all you have to do now is live it. I will be watching with complete domness with my dom pyjies. Btw, we are suing DOME for stealing our idea. Hah! such copydomcats!"
<--- Thanks a lot Simon! I miss you so much!


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