Santa wish list

Dear Santa,

I've been a bad bad girllll ><" I haven't been updating my blog for so longgggg. I was caught up with Hobbycon, office work and dot dot dot... Sorryyyyy ><" Here's an express update, which I WILL blog about it no matter how basi the story will be =D
  • I got back from Manila last week. It was an awesome trip filled with lots of shopping!!! =D
  • Organised and Emceed for Hobbycon 2010 for the last 2 days.. it was another success and I appreciate everyone who came and supported Julian and I. Please give them present too...
  • Preparing and perfecting Shinee Ring Ding Dong dance with my colleagues for the upcoming company annual dinner this coming Wednesday. Please don't let me fall off the stage...
  • Finishing up my work to go to Comic Fiesta, KL and visiting Julian's mom.
  • Big event coming up, which i can only announce in 2 weeks time.
  • My lil sis Nadia and Papa's bday was on the 3rd and 10th dec. Small celebration this year, but with big love ^_^

Oh Santa,

... my birthday is coming up soon =P

I never asked for it... but since you insisted, oh well.. here goes =D

I want
- Iphone 4 (i need smartphone desperately. HTC has been taken away from me *sobs*)
- Ipad
- New laptop (Ms. Ferrari died... i feel so cacat with no laptop T_T)
- Trip to Japan
- Money and lots of them (I want to invest them)
- Anything PRACTICAL
- Things that will make me happy (you know...)

I don't want
- Decorative item (please.. i beg you no..)
- Things that will collect dust (seriously.. my room is already like kapal layar diserang ribut)

Thank you Santa.

You're the most handsome man in North Pole!

Ok, lemme finish my Derric Chew's assignment's first.

Am running out of time ><" Da~
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♫FEN♫ said... December 16, 2010 at 4:02 PM

Hi, I'm following your blog already:) Nice posts:)) Visit n follow mine too :)


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