Happy Mother's Day 2011

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers in my circle and all around the world =D
How was your celebration yesterday? :)
Mine started with a... seminar =___=
what a way to start a lovely mother's day right?
I even had to missed my mom's fun event in Sutera Harbour *darn it*
I regretted it so much =__=

BB was supposed to join me for the seminar.. but due to clash of events, he had to sacrifice his ticket which to add to my frustration... the ticket that he bought (and sold to another person) won RM1000 cash from Dr. Ali Qassem seminar.
Can..u...believe...that... omg.
Was super pissed.

Luckily our Mother's Day Celebration was fun.
We had a karaoke session at D'Junction together with my grandma and Aunt Ros :)

The theme was set to Fuchsia :P
We ordered a Marilyn Monroe Mini Cake from Boutique Cupcakes (we were surprised that Marylin looks fat but still sexy in a way lol), brought a bouquet of carnations as well as 1 cute teddy bear which Nadia bought on behalf of the 3 Asnimar's daughters. Hehe...

Didn't sing much last night.
My usual prob with karaoke is that, I don't know which song to sing @_@
I WANTED to sing... but i don't know WHAT to sing.
I sang mostly what other people picked for me :P

People say if you don't have a favourite colour... favourite song... favourite whatever... u're lack of self identity...
omg.. is that true...???? O.o"

But seriously... In honest truth... I really don't have a favourite whatever in mind.
I like lots of things and not specific things like some of my friends and family eg. pink, paris hilton, fashion, cutesy stuff (my sister) or.. black, vampire and japanese stuff (Mars) and Red, MMA stuff or... school girl (omg..) PS: That would be Julian =_="

Colours? I used to like ocean blue when i was in school...
but from the way i see it, i always picked stuff other than blue... till i realized i lean to diverse colours that is bright and bold.. or white.
You see.. colours look nice in different situation...
It's so boring to stick to one or without a full range of colours :(

Actors? I have tons of actors and actresses in mind... but when people asked, i just couldn't get their names registered to my tongue or head (wth!)
Except Hugh Jackman... *heh :P* or recently.. Jang Geun Seuk...
My point is, I don't have a favorite song, movie, book, colour or anything!
I do however have likes and dislikes.

Sigh~ I can predict that during the 'take the bride' game on my wedding day... Julian will have a hard time figuring out the basic questions from my Ji Mui haha! XD

okok... I'm talking gibberish...
Anyway.. here are the food we had last night that came with the package.

For Mother's Day gift this year, i bought my mom this:

iPad 2 for beloved mummy as she wished for...=D

Of course it was a bit sakit to spend a bomb out of the blue...
But this gift is for someone that i really believe deserve MORE than she should.
A person who sacrifised a lot, brought me up and supported me all the way through ups and down, and always BE THERE FOR ME regardless of her commitments.
She's the best person in this earth i could ever asked for.
And for that, this gift is only as little as an ant compare to what she had showered me with :)

Mama, I hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day.. and i pray to god that one day i'll be just as strong, loving, caring, patient, reliable, wise, beautiful, understanding and all of the good words i could describe here... just like you...
I hope my future children will appreciate and love me as we do to you too...
and that includes buying me nice gadget, beautiful gifts and travel around the globe hohohoho~



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