Back from Kyan!me, Kuching

I know...
My last post was 'Jakarta. here I come' and now I'm 'back from Kyan!me, Kuching' lol.
I'm totally guilty for ignoring my blog for a month now :P
I WILL update everything today for memory sake, so just bear with me for a moment yea?

Now let's go to some important recap and upcoming updates.


Update 1: Jakarta Trip

As mentioned, I WAS in Jakarta.
Not just for vacation but for the launching of Creative Dreams International for the first time in Jakarta as well.
The crowd was unexpectedly a lot, and mostly are curious of what CDI business for side income is all about.

Since I've been to Jakarta before, it was less shopping for me and more food hunting this time.
I did however shopped lots of fabrics and materials for my wedding... and I cannot wait to get all of em tailored beautifully! ^_^

Here are some photos from my trip.
There's more in my FB.

Huhu i miss the food there!
You've not been to Jakarta if you haven't tried the Ayam Penyet and also Ikan Gurami.
These delicacies is a must if you're in Indonesia!

If you want to shop for fabric, i suggest you to GO TO INDONESIA!
Jakarta will do... really... you don't have to drive all the way to Bandung.
The quality is as great or better than those in KK.
I cannot reveal my fabric here YET coz it's suppose to be a surprise~~~ =D
Wait for another 6 months okies? ^_^


Update 2: BB got his first Muay Thai match

... and Who would want to miss this =3

The friendly Muay Thai match was held in Sandakan Youth Hall...
3 of KK representatives were selected and BB, Kyo and Rudy were the chosen one.
2 won, and BB got a draw.
Unfortunately for him, his opponent was VERY stubborn to fall or rather, give up.
So judges decided to give a draw and i personally think it's better that way so that both parties will look forward to the next match :)
Still, congrats BB ^^


Update 3: Birthdays and Weddings

Leena turned another year *kof* younger.
Brought her to De' Patio for lunch the day after her birthday on the 20th May.

The place is quiet alright :)
I love the interior theme which filled with colours and magazine theme.
Caught the attention of creative people such as me *hua hua* angkat bakul.. jangan tak angkat...


A week after that was my Manager's birthday.
Come to think of it, we NEVER really celebrate anything together even after 5 years of me working in this company XD
So Mars and I came up with something simple and surprised her *hehe* ^_^

Fyi, most of my colleagues are comfortable minding their own business and sitting quiet in their own little cubicle.
So for them to go along with our kepoh plan, i totally appreciate every single one of them muehehhe.


As for weddings, three of my friends got hitched in end of May and early June.

First up is my friend and yoga teacher, Monica and her food/workout partner in crime, Jack Baxter =D

Maritess, my ex-school mate got married to her college sweet heart, Dalbert on the 4th of June.. the day i SHOULD'VE GONE TO KL TO WATCH MY OTHER LOVE JANG GEUN SUK PERFORMING 1ST TIME AND LIVE IN MALAYSIA!!!!!!
*long siiiiiiiiigggghhhhhhhhhhhh*
I will NOT missed it again in the future..
Thank god for blog updates and youtube videos from Mars, I was able to drool over the concert recap in my little iPhone XD
Aaanyways, here are some photos from the wedding.

Maritess wedding was like a mini reunion.
I met friends from high school who's married, or currently pregnant or chasing after their kids around the church.
It was fun meeting all of em again.
Oh! I forgot to mention that Melissa, who's my other sister from another mother is in town too.
And this time, with bigger size of Seri! XD
I loooooooooove Seriiii!!!!
Can't wait to see her frown again XD

My other friend, Jacq Ajuni got married on the 12th June, last week as well.
But due to work, BB & I couldn't make it as the date clashed with Kyan!me in Kuching Sarawak ::(((((((
I was VERY DISSAPOINTED that i couldn't go.
Thanks to Dino's video recording and Mei's live WhatsApp update, i was able to see her wedding vows and all her

wedding photos especially her omg super nice wedding dress! Vera Wang keeeeer~~~~? XD
Anyhow, BIG congratulation to you Jacq!!!

Another close friend of mine, Serena, is getting married this Saturday too! *can't wait!*
Fyi, Serena will be one of my bridesmaid too.
She promised she won't be bulat in 6 months time haha XD


Update 4: Boutique Cupcakes is now in Citymall!

If you're a fan of Boutique Cupcakes, please note that they have moved to Citymall.
Parking is much easier there and the ambiance is cooler.
They are now serving not just cupcakes, but also many types of drinks and juices, including savories!

The grand launching will be on the 25th June.
So if you're around, drop by and have your yum cha session there ^_^

Aight! Kyan!me post will be up next!

Stay tune~~~ <3!


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