It's 2012! My world is just beginning ;)

I cannot believe that i dragged and draaaagggggeeeedddd my blog post right until today! *consistency uber failed*
It's now Jan, 2012... and in less than 2 weeks, we shall welcome February!
Ain't time flies by so fast? *gulp*

I am now married =D
I moved to my new yet incomplete apartment <.<
Ash has grown big.. he is now 4 months old ^_^
and I'm excited of what the future holds ;)

I will need some time *yes, slight delay again* to compile all of my wedding photos and videos to share with you on my wedding updates.
I shall separate it into parts, from preparations to the big day itself.

As for our humble home, my darling hubby and I were planning to have a simple house warming during the CNY, but regret to inform that THAT will have to wait too till the apartment is fully completed.
Unfortunately for us, we got a lousy contractor who is so malas tahap gaban.
I think even Gaban is not that malas *grr*
The apartment is so small, and all they have to do is a tiny kitchen and 2 custom furniture.
Yet it took them 5 months and it's still not finished <.<
So imagine us sleeping in a still dusty apartment with a naked wardrobe staring at us, incomplete shoe/utility rack mirror and an open wide washing machine area with no sliding door.
My first dream 'home' wracked; but we're trying to be as optimistic as possible and try not to let it get to us.

Can't wait for deco shopping with Richard this Saturday <3 ^^v
At least THIS will keep me entertained.



1 Response to "It's 2012! My world is just beginning ;)"

Anonymous said... January 24, 2012 at 5:14 AM

Congrads on getting married ^_^ May your new life together bring much happy times and full of Joy... Also Happy 2012 new year


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