Pirates of the Caribbean 3

Pirates of the Caribbean 3 magnify
Ahoy mate! Arrrr..... Haven't watched Pirates 3 ei? Bless ye fer not doin it yet. Wait till the tickets turrrrn RM5, then yer wont have ter feel guilty fer sleepin' in the middle of the show. Yeah, cunnin' Captain Jack Sparrow is as cute and witty as everrrr, dats the only reason that pushed me ter stay awake through out the show.

Storyline :
Just bear with it. Yer still will enjoy Jack Sparrow's character. The ending might not be as what yer might imagined/expected.

Arrrr...again, Jack Sparrow is still the best. Yer will come to like Barbossa as well.

CGI & Cinematography:
Blow me lad! Still cool! Yer will come ter appreciate it.

Important Note:
As ye all know, thar always something after the credits. Keep yer butt glued to ye chair mate!


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