Back date: Comic Fiesta 2010, Hobbycon 2010, Food and Party Play in between :)

My my... how time flies.
2 more days and I'll be official engaged, Alhamdulillah :)
I'm glad that everything is prepared and i HOPE things will go smoothly this Saturday.
Darling BB is recovering from his post.. *coughs* ... little surgery... and I don't want to bother him with the little details.
For now, let him be in peace :)

My plan for the outdoor deco is almost done thanks to Uncle Salleh, Agus and my supportive parents.
The only thing left now is the tiiiiiny little winny details and then we're good to go.
Initially BB and I planned a very sweet and simple engagement, nothing grand nor fancy,
but by request of my parents, we have to do a proper one even if it is JUST an engagement ceremony.
I'm grateful to have them around :) Some parents might not even care. Love em to bits :-*
And I love my Malay culture when it comes to engagement/wedding coz it's so grand woot! =P

Aaaanyways, while i was 'spring cleaning' my bag, I saw my camera and realised i haven't been posting food photos here for quiet awhile.
So... even though this is backdated food photos, i still hope you'll drool over it nyahaha~


While I was in KL last December for Comic fiesta, BB and I stopped by Sushi Zanmai in The Gardens, Mid Valley.
It is a place not to be missed, definitely.
Not only it's cheaper than Sushi King, but it taste 5 times better, fresher and have more selections!
We're lucky that the queue was not as pack as our previous trip :)

Before our last day in KL, BB and I met up Massy at KLCC.
I was longing for Nando's but poor Massy had had enough of it XD
So all of us agreed on Chili's instead.

I believe all of you had seen these dishes before, but oh well, i'm the type who likes to order the same food over and over lol!

My trip to Comic Fiesta was great.
Though according to one of the volunteers, Comic Fiesta 2010 was not as great as the year 2009.
She said the traffic flow was a bit messy compare to the previous year (though still manageable).
But personally, since it was my first time being there, I still like it and hope to learn more for Hobbycon's 5th year anniversary this year (2011) :)

Lol... these two had been sitting at a corner for hours.
I think they are trying to set a world record of impersonating 'L' and 'Yagami Light' (Kira) sitting emo statically :P

Lots of CSPian went for CF too.
Some of them are Massy, Jna, Sakuya, Ripz, Nex, Addy, Randy, Booktown, Chiaki, Jonathan, Rina and lots more.

I am proud that Jna is a cosplayer representing Sabah.
As soon as she stepped out of the ladies room, all eyes were on her... and like a VVVVIP, people opened up the way for her lol!

People were stunned and 'ubber' awed by her costume (credits to Nex, Addy and Rendy too for the awesome workmanship) and looking at her costume, most of the crowd thought that she was a cosplayer from Singapore!
Hearing this, Jna and the gang pulled out a Sabah flag.
But when they held out the Sabah flag, some of the crowd still couldn't believe that she was from Sabah and said that she bought her costume from KL instead.
Quoting Jna: 'LOL What Hmmp~!' Don't believe meh? XD
Here's proof that it was 100000% Sabahan work booyah!
Contact Nex if you want to commission him to do your cosplay props/costume.
He won't disappoint :)

Here's a frontal shot from Hobbycon 2010 :)

@_@ oh no darn it...
I just realised i haven't blogged about Hobbycon 2010.
Am so slooooowwww in updating my blog these days =___="
Ok.. am gonna blog about it before i end my post.
i'm not pushing it to another blog post coz I WILL forget *edit blog title and add Hobbycon 2010 :P*

Aight more photos from Comic Fiesta 2010.

Sobs.. I wish Marissa was there... she cosplayed this character too!

Buahaha... i really wish to have the same crowd as THIS for Hobbycon.
But venue is always the key to a successful event.
We have yet to decide which venue we should host Hobbycon 2011.
Any interested venue sponsor? =3

I met Cheryl (Ki-Chan) and Amber (Kana) there too ^_^
Ki-Chan was lovely as always. Never perasan unlike someone i used to know. Haha. Buek. (Dah lah tak tau malu, tak sedar diri, tak reti mengaku salah, act innocent konon,.... datang event orang pulak tu, bergaya pula macam mak datin.. ambek kau tralalala~)
*Note to reader: I'm like this after being ticked off (worse: TWICE) after i treated you well, gave you a chance to repent and change for the better*

Fuuuu~ go away negative energy~~~
No worries, that only happen to one person.
And karma always works wonderfully.
I LOVE the event turnout, PADAN MUKA!

*breathe iiiiiiinnnnnn~~~~~*

okay~~ back to lovely Ki-Chan and Amber =3

I saw few people dancing to Xbox + Kinect Dance Central game in Comic Fiesta.
It was so tempting that i put it in my Hantaran list for my engagement lol!
*Whattt~~?? Don't look at me like that.... BB got an Iphone from me Owkayyy~ =P*
It's purely a win-win situation XD

I also enjoyed listening to talks from invited experts, particularly Michael Chuah (C2V) which is also a friend to Kwan and used to be Gempak Comic Artist....

...and also the two Phils: Phil Yeh, the Godfather of the American Graphic Novel as well as Phil Ortiz, an Emmy-winning animator who had created numerous animatios such as Denver the Last Dinosour (!!!! omg... i met my childhood cartoon animator!!!), The Simpsons, Muppet Babies, Alvin and the Chipmunks (yeah that too!!!), garfield and lots more!!!

I was in love with the talk~~~~ *hearts*

I definitely will go for Comic Fiesta 2011 despite my busy wedding arrangement at the end of this year lol!

OH! Met Aleen and Salleh at Times Square.
They were very kind to offer us a drive back to Seremban.

In Seremban, BB's mom prepared us a Pan Mien dinner (yey!)
Ah~ I love her chicken pan mien! Slurrp!

For Christmas 2010, i got a little gift from aunty Adeline.
Didn't expected it and it was very thoughtful of her ^_^

BB on the other hand got a traditional chinese chop/stamp of his name (Lee H'ng)
So cool!

Si Er got her present too =P

My last trip to Seremban this time is considered special...
I had a heart to heart talk with BB's mom and i came to understand her better :)
In life, there is no such thing as perfect relationship.
The recipes are simple.. respect each other and always communicate.
But to do it practically, it takes patient and effort - ego aside. And that's VERY HARD.
There is a give and take. You cannot be the one who's always giving, and you cannot be at the end always receiving and not offering anything. It's unfair no?

I hope the relationship between Julian and I will be blessed and that we can work any problems out respectfully.
We have a long way to go and still have lots to learn about each other.
I guess i have to take our journey one step at a time :)

Ok... now back to food :P
During my birthday, (as mentioned in previous blog post), Leena and Phil brought me to Party Play for a birthday lunch.

Party Play is located in Lintas beside Salim II if i'm not mistaken.
It's a new hang out place and just opened as of 2 months+ ago.

We had Lamb Shank, Roasted whole Chicken and a Duo-Pizza (Seafood flavour and Chicken teriyaki flavour)

The lamb shank was just a-ok.
I think the ummph' taste is lacking.
Need more salt i guess?

As for the Roasted chicken... well i don't bother in ordering that in the future...
But I would recommend the Pizza though :)
I love the seafood flavour pizza XD
There's something special about the taste :)

As for dessert, we ordered the chocolate lava pudding.
I forgot its name in the menu.. but you can click the menu below to see it for yourself yeah? :)
The dish came to us less hot than it should be.. but it was still alright :)
I'll order it again soon.

Below are the menu. Click to view larger image :)

Price at Party Play was average.
They are somewhat like Sailor's cafe, and I feel it's good that KK is having more themed cafe such as them. Great for birthday parties and such don't you think? :)


Ok ... a post from Hobbycon 2010.

Hobbycon was held on the 11th and 12th of December 2010.
Honestly as an organiser (Both BB and I), i would say there is still lots of room for improvement for Hobbycon.
Every year is an experimental year for us and we learned a lot and slowly understand the market and crowd here in Kota Kinabalu better.
This time, we were very grateful that more helping hands were offered and we couldn't thank them enough (big hugs) :)
PS: All HC photos are credits to all volunteers from Hobbycon 2010! Woot!

Hobbycon 2010 booths are all fully booked for this year and we even had to add more booths to fill in the requests.
But the idea of making a really proper booth this year received quiet a number of complain ><" Lesson learned... don't make it too high!
Thank you so much for the feedback guys!

OMG did you see those Kamen Rider???
They were one of my childhood heroes!!! *squealsssssssssss*

I love LOVE love the cosplayers who came for Hobbycon 2010.
The quality got better and better!
Some are actually so good that it can go for International level, i kid you not!
But these talented peeps are too shy to join the cosplay competition *sobs*.. else it would've been a great competition!

Above is Sakuya and Kimberly.
Sakuya was one of our helpful volunteers and Kimberly was one of the organiser for Kyanime Sarawak, a similar event but held in Sarawak.
We were honoured to have the Kyanime Sarawak group of organisers in our event ^_^

Anyways, here are some of the winners for Hobbycon Cosplay Competition...

Can you believe I just knew that Hobbycon is one of the few events who actually offered prize money for Cosplay Competition??
Other events similar to this only offer certificates and trophies @_@
Such a noob. I need to learn more XD

Did I tell you that BB and I had to become the MC once again?
Unlike last year, things were more in control for this year, and we had many volunteers to help.
Last year was a super two-man-show but it was sweet memory nonetheless =P

We also discovered lots of new performing talents.
Like these young talents below... they just finished PMR and their performance can even do a TV commercial XD

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all volunteers who volunteered to perform for Hobbycon 2010.
They did it for their passion in singing, dancing and performing... and some with hope they could use Hobbycon to strut their talents and be discovered by potential clients :)
Thank you all :)

Hobbycon 2010 also helped to create public awareness to save the Atkinson Clock Tower.
Here is Richard doing the public announcement.

All in all, there are still lots of new people who doesn't understand what Hobbycon is all about and it is our job to work harder and smarter to promote and educate the youth and public about this trend that is already hype in KL, Singapore and other parts of the world.
NOT leave it as a boring group outing which expects money to fall down from the sky to run it and etc.
This baby has potential and new crowd has the right to know its existence :)

For next Hobbycon, we hope there will be more volunteers and sponsorship given to make this event bigger and better.
We received many constructive feedback and felt happy with helps offered right after the event for the upcoming Hobbycon 2011.

We also hope that with more and more cosplay quality upgrades happening in 2010, more cosplayer will work harder in polishing their costume and have fun with it :)

Of course, we reallllly pray that more people will join the cosplay competition too.
We saw lots of talented bunch among the crowd but they were to shy to join :)
*Fyi, Sabahans are very talented.. but they are just too shy to go on the stage*

Oh... one last thing.. we need a new MC.. am retiring lol!
See you at Hobbycon 2011!!!!
Hidup Hobbycon!!!!

PS: I'm kind enough to not blur out or mark 'X' on one particular person buahahaha.



5 Responses to "Back date: Comic Fiesta 2010, Hobbycon 2010, Food and Party Play in between :)"

maslight said... January 13, 2011 at 7:43 PM

This is 1 long post. zomg! Anyways, am excited for Saturday. Sotong makin hamsap nampaknya. And I LOL hard at the colored text hahahaha I know who you talking about. POJITIP energy! ;D

S.A.K.U.Y.A said... January 14, 2011 at 3:26 PM

pojitip energy fara!! pojitip! OMMMM OMMMMM~

packshot 3d animation said... January 14, 2011 at 3:43 PM

Your pictures are amazing...You've greatly enjoyed yourself

Aya said... January 14, 2011 at 5:12 PM

mas and sakuya: ouummm~~~ positive energy come hereee~~

Packshot 3d animation - Indeed i did =D Thank you for visiting my blog! ^_^v

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