Shushi Tei - Part 2

So i went to Sushi Tei again for my 2nd trip :)
This time, i brought along my sister ^_^

During my first trip, i didn't quiet study their dessert menu..
So before browsing for the sushis, we eyed for some dessert first.
But after looking at it.. it's kinda... pricey.

Remember the fish shape red bean ice cream i talked about? It cost only around RM3 in the Korean mart in Star City =P
Soooo yeah..

Here are some of the OTHER sushis we ate.
Those which i posted before, am not gonna put it here again.

Ebiten Floss Maki - Fried Prawn with Fish Floss RM8/plate

Kani Mayo - RM2/plate (2 sushi ya :P)

Kani Corn - RM2/plate

Inari Kani Mentai Mayo - Cooked Inari, Crab Meat with Cod Roe - RM6/plate

I made a mistake... From the menu photo, i didn't know that the wrapper was the sweet egg skin and not the Seaweed wrapper. So it resulted me squirming in sweetness ><"

Takoyaki - RM6.80/plate (6 balls)

I like it :) Not bad at all.

Sunrise Roll (or was it Sunshine roll?) - Amaebi with head, cucumber, salmon, mango, sweet sauce, mayo, aunori and white sesame = RM24.80 (around 8 pcs if i'm not mistaken)

When we browse the menu for more sushi, look at what i found that made my eyes almost popped out o.0"

OMG! RM42 for 2 pcs!!! No way in the world i'll order that seriously o.O""""

Now here comes the dessert...

We ordered 3 ice cream flavours for each one of us.
Nadia ordered Green Tea (Matcha)
I ordered Shio Ice Cream (the waiter said that it's a favourite)
BB ordered Goma Ice Cream (black sesame seed?)

The taste was..... hrmm... how can i explain this...
Basically it takes some getting used to.
The green tea was lack of ummph..
The Shio Ice Cream which was claimed to be a favourite turns out OMFG so sweeeet i almost die.
The Goma Ice Cream on the other hand tasted... almost bitter.
So in the end, BB took Nadia's Green Tea, Nadia took my Shio flavour and I took BB's Goma flavour =D

Total paid was about RM190++ for 3 person.
All I can say is, you pay for what you eat.
The portion is big and it fills you up really :)

So go and try it and let me know what you think ok?

After our late lunch, we headed off to 1B for shopping =D
Oh! Saw a Lion Rabbit being displayed at the centre atrium. SOOO CUTEEE!!!!

BB and I decided to buy one when we move into our apartment next year.
Can't wait!!! ^_^

Before i end this post, i'd like to wish a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to all of my friends who's celebrating it.
I'm gonna have my first Chinese New Year Eve dinner with BB's family this year wehooo~
See ya peeps! Muaks!


2 Responses to "Shushi Tei - Part 2"

maslight said... January 31, 2011 at 6:04 PM

Too bad they dun haf the dessert with the shell. Am going back for more! After CNY! RAWR!

CathJ said... January 31, 2011 at 10:20 PM

Oh drooling...


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