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The most complete e-learning program specially tailored for students following the Malaysian school education system covering all subjects from Standard 1 to Form 5.

What is Focus-A Programme?

Focus A is an e-learning program developed by Creative Dreams International with a team of qualified and experienced teachers for the sole purpose of providing an interesting and complete platform for students to learn, practice, study and prepare for their required examinations.

Students following the program diligently will be prepared for and shall be able to obtain excellent results in school and National Examinations.

Those using the Focus A program should be able to do without any further tuition and can study in the comfort of their own home or anywhere when there is access to the internet and at anytime convenient to them.

Before Focus A is around, CHILDREN are constantly:

1. Burdened and bored with conventional studying

2. No motivation to excel

3. No interest in reading and doing exercise

4. Tired because of too many tuition classes

5. Often spending plenty of time with the computer, chatting, playing games and visiting non-suitable websites

With our fast moving world and busy schedule, PARENTS on the other hand encountered problems such as:

1. Not able to appraise child’s academic progress

2. Too busy to monitor or supervise child’s revision or homework

3. Not satisfied with children’s examination results

4. Spend hard earned money but fail to achieve desired results

5. Poor interaction or lack the know how to approach their kids

6. Child is exam phobic

7. Unsure of children’s preparation for examination or...

8. Your child faces high exam stress which affects both his / her interest in studies and performance level

To excel academically, students must apply both Input and Output learning.

Input Learning:

Attending classes in school, listening and absorbing what teachers have taught in class is a form of input learning.

Output Learning:

Output learning on the other hand is when the student practice and learn by self testing what he/she has been learning in class.

Answering questions and exercises IMPROVE MEMORIES!

The traditional way of output learning is by exercise books or questionnaires. But this method provide less efficiency in compared to what Focus A programme can offer.
So why output learning by the book is inefficient?

By using traditional exercise book or questionnaires, students:

1. Have to self check and mark the answers manually

2. Unable to repeat question (question have marking)

3. No self timing (need time discipline to improve student during class/exam)

4. Too many books but yet too limited questions

5. Not interactive – get bored easily

6. Have to spend extra money to buy new exercise books and questionnaires of many different subject everytime/weekly/monthly

With Focus-A programme, all notes and questions in the book are loaded in one single system and made available online using interactive system which include educational online game to keep student interested.

What is unique about Focus A programme?

1 Focus-A portal account is accessible for 2 child access / 2 levels of Education.

All subjects are covered in each level selected.
Example: 1st Child in Form 3 and 2nd Child in Primary 6 OR 1 child in Form 5 can sign up to Form 4 and 5 for SPM revision.

Focus-A Programme (Malaysia) covers:

Standard 1 - 6:
Bahasa Melayu, English , Mathematics, Science, Bahasa Cina and Bahasa Tamil

Form 1 - 3:
Bahasa Melayu, English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, Bahasa Cina and Bahasa Tamil

Form 4 - 5:
Bahasa Melayu, English, Science, Geography, History, Add Maths, Mathematics, Accounts, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Bahasa Cina and Bahasa Tamil
** Coming Soon: Pendidikan Islam, Bahasa Arab and Commerce

Focus-A Programme module:

1. Web Tutor Virtual
2. Web Assessment
3. Instant Marking Answers
4. Web Editor
5. Web Dictionary
6. Web Trial Exam
7. Web Past Year Exam
8. Web Notes
9. Web Score Cards
10. Result Stored Online
11. Web Forum
12. Webinar (Web Seminar)
13. Web Chat
14. Educational Online Games

Unique Features of Focus-A

1. Web Tutor Virtual

Web tutor virtual is a virtual classroom where tutors pre-record each and every topic available in the subjects. Web tutor consists of slides and voice over explanation which can be assessed unlimited time by students.

Click below for Video Example:

All the topics available in Focus-A programme are arranged according to the syllabus of Ministry of Education Malaysia.

Once students are done with input learning, they can proceed with the web topic exercises.

2. Web-Assessment

In web-assessment, Questions will be updated and uploaded periodically, with types of questions from ranging from easy, moderate and difficult level. E-Assessment is created in such a game mode, that is level by level to make the learning much easier and fun yet challenging. Similar to Web-Topic, students must score the MINIMUM score of 80% marks and above to proceed to higher level.

With the minimum score of 80% in marks, Focus-A programme will directly encourage student to excel in their studies and indirectly motivate them to excel in everything they do.

3. Instant Marking Answers

In Focus A programme, all questions are checked as soon as the students click on the answers. Instant marking makes learning fast. Therefore, students are able to identify their mistakes instantly. Students are also encouraged with motivational words.

4. Web-Editor

Web Editor allows students to answer subjective questions. Paper II questions will be evaluated by tutors of each subject and subsequently be graded and be recorded in students’ score card. Focus-A is the only E-learning programme that supports paper II questions and markings.

5. Web-Dictionary

The function of Web-Dictionary is to explain why any word not understood by students. Just highlight or double click on a particular word and the explanation will be done in Bahasa Malaysia – English – Mandarin format.

6. Web- Trial Exam

Specially prepared sets of trial papers are given to students through this section. According to the feedbacks from students, up to 40% of the similar questions came out in the actual UPSR and PMR exams. Trial exam papers come with time limit so as to prepare students for the actual examinations (auto submit once time out). This can be taken as the final preparation before students sit for the actual exams.

7. Web-Past Year Exam

Focus-A has real sets of past year exam papers dated 5 years back, for each subject. Web Past Year Exam gives students the added advantage of being exam ready and avoid exam phobia which is very common among students nowadays. All the past year exam are set up in their auto timer system, similar as the real exams. This creates an exam environment and hence, boast their confidence level of students when examination comes.

8. Web – Notes

Notes are efficiently prepared by expert teachers in the format of mind mapping, points and graphical forms. It is easier to understand, interesting and interactive. The notes are straight to the point and can be printed out for revision purposes.

9. Web-Score Card

Web-Score Card provides both students and parents with the results of all the Web-Topics, Web-Assessments, Web-Trial Exam and Web-Past Year Exams that have been done by students. This could help the parents to track their child’s performance and progress in their studies.

10. Results Stored Online

All the results of Web-Topics, Web-Assessments, Web-Trial Exam and Web-Past Year Exams that have been done by students are recorded and stored online. The previous exercise done can be reviewed by both parents and students anytime anywhere.

11. Focus-A Web Forum

In focus a forum, students, tutors and even parents can discuss or exchange ideas on any particular topic. Anyone can start an interesting topic. For example, a student who doesn’t understand a particular topic can post a question, and everyone can participate in the discussion. Web editor is used in the forum, where images and tables can also be inserted.

12. Webinar

13. Focus-A online Chat

Focus A online Chat on the other hand is a real time conversation exchange between students or tutors who log in at that time. In the chat online, students, tutors or anyone can discuss and exchange ideas, create a new chat topic and he or she can choose any topic they wish to participate. Feedback is on the spot, and students can interact among themselves. Chat room gives a healthy environment for students to make friends and discuss a topic intellectually.

14. Educational Online Games

Click here for sample: Game 1 | Game 2

So why should you get Focus A?

In traditional method of input and output learning, parents are spending way more than they should to get good result from their children. For example:

(click to view larger image)

So how much will 1 Focus A portal account will cost you?

RM1700?.. Nope!
RM1200?... Na'aa~
RM900?.. Not even close..
For Limited time only, Focus-A will only cost you
RM795 only!!!

Yes, RM795 for 1 portal which includes:

  • ALL SUBJECTS of selected level (2 levels in each portal)
  • 1 portal for 2 child access (2 levels of study which saves you another RM1700+ or more!) Example: 1st Child in Form 3 and 2nd Child in Primary 6 OR 1 child in Form 5 can sign up to Form 4 and 5 for SPM revision. For additional child/level, only add RM50!
  • Experience teachers and specialist of more than 20 years
  • Accessible to Focus-A programme, Anytime, anywhere (With parents log in account to monitor child progress)
  • Interactive and Educational Online game
  • Forum and Online Chat to Focus-A student, NATIONWIDE
  • Controllable Online Web Tutorial for All subjects
  • Trial exam and past paper online exam (Paper I and Paper II)
  • Instant Marking for easy learning and memorising
  • Online Score card accessible to students and parents
  • Lower Level revision
  • Online dictionary
...and so much more!!!!

All in All, with Focus A programme, you will not only saves thousands of ringgit but also get the most complete e-learning program in the market to produce Excellent, Brilliant, Successful, Intelligent and smart student!

Focus-A... Tuition in the comforts and safety of your home, 7 days a week, 365-days in a year ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!

So what are you waiting for?

Purchase your Focus-A programme today and give your children the most complete e-learning academic programme today!

Click the button below to purchase:

Step by Step guide on how to purchase Focus A portal:

Get your Focus-A Portal today via Credit Card / Paypal payment. It’s Fast. Easy. Secure!

Step 1: To pay via Credit Card, sign up to Paypal Account. It’s the best online payment site for you to purchase anything over the internet! (If you already have Paypal, Skip to Step 2)

Step 2: At paypal purchase area, enter you MOBILE NUMBER and EMAIL ADDRESS correctly at the ‘Add special instructions to the seller’. We will use this information to send out your Portal Username and Password there within 24 hours.

Step 3: Purchase the Portal :)

Step 4: Email your purchase receipt number to as proof of purchase. (You can also copy the whole receipt and paste it in your email)


VISIT for more info!



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