Be financially independent with Creative Dreams International

Hey ya peeps!

Do you want an income of more than RM100,000 every month?
Is there anything that you wish to buy?... but still unable to buy?
Is there any place you wish to visit?.. but still unable to go?
Is there anything or any dream that you wish to have? But still unable to achieve?
The big question is... WHEN?? and HOW??

Forget Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) in Cosmetics Products, Health product or even Retail businesses! Webucation is the 'it' thing in the new millenium.

If you are serious of becoming financially independent, why not venture yourself in WEBUCATION, part time with Creative Dreams International.

According to Peter Drucker from Forbes Global magazine:

“If you have ever wished that you could just once be in the right place at the right time, you should seriously consider webucation itself, or marketing a webucation product. With the number of online users growing every day, the market is limitless and the opportunities are endless.

Online continuing education is creating a new and distinct educational realm, and it is the future of education. There is a global market here that is potentially worth hundreds of billions of dollars. "

.. and that's what Creative Dreams International can do for you.

Creative Dreams International
(CDI) will be coming over to the Mini Theatre, Yayasan Sabah, Kota Kinabalu this Sunday (6th Feb 2011) from 3pm - 7pm to provide you with SBS training.

CDI President. K. Thinesh Kumar will be there to support and share the secret of making big in this business too! So grab this Golden Business opportunity, with really fresh 100% untouched market!

Entries are limited and ticket cost RM40.

For more info/to purchase ticket, please email be at before Saturday, (5th Feb 2011), 3pm.

I'll be there too! :) See ya!


About Creative Dreams International

Creative Dreams International was initiated in September 2009 by our President Mr. K, Thinesh Kumar, together with our CEO Mr. Steven C.M. Cheong. They embark on establishing CDI and finally the company was launched on the 21st January 2010.

Creative Dreams mission is to provide an opportunity to all Malaysians, to change their lifestyle, by introducing them to the most up-to date Webucation system, in line with the syllabus of the Ministry of Education. Couple with a rewarding business plan, high grade development training programmes with the personal touch, our company believes in contributing back through rewarding incentives. Creative Dreams International strongly believes that our mission in the MLM industry will enhance millions of Malaysian long term for a better and lucrative lifestyle in the years ahead.

As a parent, perhaps, other than dreaming of the best academic programme for your children, you'd also like an opportunity to have more time and money to help your financial future against job loss, changing family needs or to improve your current lifestryle. Regardless of background or experience, Creative Dreams International are ready to help millions of people to enhance their lives through the great business opportunity that we have to offer.

  • An Independent business of your own (Part-time flexible hours to suit your busy schedule)
  • Low risk and affordable start-up costs
  • No inventory or large capital investments
  • Guaranteed quality products (Feel confident when using and promoting the product)
  • Training and Support Programmes (Training and Support Programmes to expedite immediate success)
  • Proven Results (A Proven Programme which will bring back equitable returns)
  • Earn ongoing income (Immediate change of lifestyle to help plan your future retirement)

Reach us today and be on your way to a financial freedom!

Madam Eve
Contact Number: +016 820 1125

Ivan Rodrigo-Radzi
Contact Number: +019 880 8599

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