ReBlog: Does your local charity need help?

Hey guys!

KK Twestival is back!

For your information, our organising committee is in the process of selecting one local cause to make a difference, and thus would like the community to let us know what causes are important to you.

So far, we have a shortlist of charities (which we will share with you in our next blog post at but are also open to nominations of other charities in Sabah.

If you have a cause in mind, please nominate your charity in their blog (comment section) or you can email me back from this email. :)

More importantly, we also welcome any local non-profit charities in Sabah who qualify to nominate themselves by submitting their proposal to the organisers at

Here's what they are looking for:-
  • Must be a registered and established nonprofit, based locally in Sabah.
  • The organization's work must have a direct positive impact on our community
  • Must state specific use of funds needed in your proposal
  • Overtly religious and political causes do not qualify

Submission Guidelines:-

Keep it Simple - Submissions that are concise, descriptive and organized will fare better in the selection process. The organizers will be voting based on the information submitted to us.

We suggest that you send us:-
  1. A written-profile of your charity organization and what you do
  2. A documented case of your cause, inclusive of photos of issues that are in need of Twestival funds
  3. Let us know how our help will positively impact the community in your cover letter

How to Nominate:-

For everyone else, tweet us at @kktwestival and use the hashtag #kktwestivalcharity to the end so that they can track all the nominations.

Closing Date for Submissions:-

The closing date for nominations and submissions is 12th February 2011 (a week from now). After we have received all proposals and nominations, we will choose one final recipient in which we will be working to raise funds for this March 24th.

We wish you the best of luck!

Let the nominations begin... :)


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