Few more days left before I say 'hello' to my new cubicle~

As i was informed about us having to move out to a new office, i sulked at the amount of cleaning up that we have to do.
And the fact that the new office is half the size smaller from our current office, i sulked even more.
I thought WHY do we have to move?
The new office is just right beside our current building (3 minutes walk?)
and I love it here,... all my fun memories are here... :(

But oh well, life has to move on,
though I'm officially going to work in an actual cubicle office space (finally after 4 years of working in KK), at least I'll have my privacy :)
And i can't wait to shop for new stationary and deco it like my old cubicle in kl =D
*singing, "my cubicleeee~~~"*

Did some budgeting for my wedding recently..
I know it's too early to plan... i still have 10 months to go...
But that's me, i plan things early to avoid major last minute hiccups.
Anyways, I sweat at the total amount it might come out to, and gosh... wouldn't it better to use the money to buy furniture for my house or better.. to travel at least to 5 different countries for OUR honeymoon??
For those of you who are married, if you have any tips whatsoever such as finding a great pelamin designer (other than Suri Malai Ali please...) , florists, door gifts suppliers, cute deco and accessories, do share :)
Though i want my wedding to be a super wonderful one, i don't intend to splurge for people who i don't even know and might not even give ang pow at my wedding (let's get real, everybody wants ang pow to cover the cost okay.. don't lie =D)
I have few themes in mind too... but I'm up for suggestions.
If you have ideas on mixture of 2 culture theme, you're welcome to spam the comment box =D muehehe....
Oh... I need an opinion...
For reception, do you think it would be better to have the food serve in the center of the table (the usual style) or served individually so that i don't have to sacrifice such beautiful flower deco in the middle? :)

My Japanese language class are doing great.
But i need to practice more on memorizing the name of everyday items taught in class.
*I keep forgetting the names, damn it*
As mentioned, the class is 3 times a week and will end around April and i might be continuing for more, maybe.
So with my time spent mostly in AMC after work, I froze my CORE Fitness account for the moment.
Don't want to be wasting money by only attending few classes in a month.
I'm on the verge of getting broke to save for the wedding and my house =_="
Care to sponsor? =D

On other less serious note, how was your Chap Goh Meh celebration?
Mine was pretty simple dinner and 2 bottles of sparkling juice while listening to the Boom Bang fireworks outside BB's apartment.
Presented my gifts from Vietnam to BB and his family.
Glad they liked it ^_^

Been spending most of my time at home these days.
My mood for tv series and anime is back again, and am loving it :) They keep me company when i'm bored ^_^
I know i promised my baby sis for a driving practice at Likas Sports Complex during weekends, but both of us are busy with our own animes hehe.
She passed her drivers license test before,... but her skill needs a reminder.
My cousin is sitting for his driver's 'written test' soon :) he's lucky to have the pre-exam book to memorize all the road rules and such... something like DMV test questions and answers .

Talking about my baby sis, she complained about being somewhat sexually harassed VERBALLY by some of the staffs at her internship place.
Those monkeys are mostly the driver and... some guy...
Told her to tell them off and reminded her that every working place will have at least one or two SETAN who has nothing better to do with their lives.
I've met them and these people doesn't deserve kindness,... verbally :)

Went to RJ Couture's bag collection and fashion show few weeks ago (before my Vietnam trip).
An Indonesian guy was introduced to sing, and I didn't recognize him till my sis asked me to guess.
After hearing the song,... OMG it's Afgan who sang 'Terima Kasih Cinta' =D!!!
I never knew how he looks like, except his voice over the radio.
He sang wonderfully ^_^
You guys should listen to his album. Highly recommended :)

Last but not least, it's one month to go for KK Twestival 2011!
Few charity organizations nominated to become our main cause for this year, and after closing the voting system last week, we finally have our winner...
Sabah Society of the Blind is our main cause for this year!!!

Okays~ my rambling stops here for the day.
Be good!

PS: Join me for ZUMBA class next week, (1st week of March) on Tuesday and Thursday for FREE, organised by Scott and Michelle. It's at Dewan MPMS opposite Wisma Wanita Sabah. (Thanks Joeanne for inviting!)


2 Responses to "Few more days left before I say 'hello' to my new cubicle~"

maslight said... February 24, 2011 at 7:47 PM

Waw ur cubicle is smaller than mine @_@

Aya said... February 24, 2011 at 10:54 PM

Unfortunately <.<


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