My Chinese New Year 2011!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!! =D

Am not wishing you too late am i? hehe =P

As usual, how was your Chinese New Year celebration? I know i had tons of fun and i love the amount of my ang pow collection this year muahahahah =D Don't blame me for being too excited coz this will be my last year to COLLECT ang pow before getting on that jinjang pelamin =P

This year is also the year that I celebrated my Chinese New Year eve and CNY day itself properly with BB's family :) We bought Lou Shang, some chicken and prawn dumpling, not forgetting their favourite, every year dish a.k.a KFC (:P), Roasted duck and also special dessert Tong Yuen with green tea ^_^

Here are some photos from our Chinese New Year eve dinner :)

I love the part where we shouted "Lou Hei!"~~ "Lou Hei~~" while scooping and tossing the Lou Shang :P
Grandma told us to scoop it higher and higher coz initially the way we did it seemed so sad HAHAHA!
Uncle was definitely happy to have Lou Shang after 7 years of not having it =3

After we finished with our meal, we took a family photo and proceeded with the best part.... ANG POW!!!~~~ =D =D =D It feels like Hari Raya okay! haha!

Just to let you know, BB and I had printed out and bought a nice photo album for our engagement photos :)
Will upload some here in my next post together with a short video during my engagement night kay? :)

Chinese New Year is more of a relaxing day for BB's family.
Uncle was enjoying cleaning up his kitchen, KC and I happily dreaming in our own la-la land, BB... he had to go for his class in MUIS (every Saturday :P)
I arrived to their house at about 4pm after Asar and we had a light Tong Yuen snack i bought the night before :)

See the Kuacis in assorted colours? I've picked up an addiction during this festive season and I am always in search for them :P

My CNY will not be complete if i don't visit my friends and do some ang pow hunting along the way :P

On the 1st till 4th day of CNY, BB and I were invited to our friend's house such as Jna's (I love the Beef Spaghetti and Fried Chicken!!!), Sakuya Arnab's (I like munching on the yam cracker and TQ for the DVDs!), Robin's (Oh finally! A Lion dance and beautiful floating lanterns in the sky) and Tracy's (me loooove the vanilla buttercake panas2 and Dewie is soooo cute!!!!) =D

CNY Day 1 at Jna's:

CNY day-2 at Sakuya Arnab's and Robin's:

CNY day 4 at Tracy's....
err sorry i forgot to take whatever i ate including group photo =___=

Tracy's puppy: Dewie!

Even though it's already Tuesday, it seems that some of my colleagues are still on their holiday. For example Razz.. i don't know where he is now but i know i have lots of web design/maintenance for him to finish (Razz!! come back quick!!!!) and Fenny drove up, up and away to Kundasang with her family. If you are driving far, just make sure you guys made all the safety preparation earlier such as check engine light, brakes, tires and etc. If you sent it earlier to an auto shop such as those in the San Diego auto repair shop, it would have been better :) Wouldn't want these problems to affect your holiday mood would we? :)

Oh! Jack and Monica are back as well. Thank you for keeping your Myvi with us. We love it ^_^ One day if you have a Ninja King, A CRV or Ford F-150, you are more than welcome to keep it with us during your long holiday oversea or in KL loL!

Anyway, Gus-Gus (remember the mouse in Cinderella?) also got his angpow in a form of a new exercise roller. He was soooo happy, he can't stop running on it ^_^

Mars and I finally got a call from AMC Likas Square regarding our sponsored Japanese language class by Ministry of IT.
Thank god that the place is right beside our current office, else it would have been too rush for us as the class starts at 6pm - 9.30pm every Mon, Wed and Friday till April.
Our Korean language class is still under the waiting list though.
Lucky Yati and Eric to be accepted for the first batch of 2011.
Out of envy, we started calling her Ahjumma. Buahahaha!

Aight gotta get back to work.
My department is getting ready to move office to Likas Square (right under AMC office muehehehe) and I need to make sure everything is packed before I leave for my holiday in Vietnam this Saturday! Wohooo!
Till then, ciao!



2 Responses to "My Chinese New Year 2011!"

gunsirit said... February 9, 2011 at 8:08 PM

Love those food, yummy! :)

CathJ said... February 14, 2011 at 12:08 AM

Happy CNY to you Farah... 1 msia.. ^_^


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