Am in Vietnam! ^_^

Chào bạn! =D

Arrived in Ho Chi Minh safely yesterday.
I have not much time to chat around, so here's a quick update while I was here...
  • Arrived at about 4pm in Ho Chi Minh (Old Name Saigon) yesterday. Traffic was full of motorcyclists! According to the tour guide, the motorcyclist outnumbered the total car in Vietnam.
  • We ate mostly Halal food here in restaurants recommended by the tour guide. Had a short brisk walk nearby hotel and spontaneously decided to go for a Body Massage. IT WAS AWESOME O.M.G! RM34 for 90 minutes of full body massage and total relaxation! The package includes Full body and hand massage, foot reflexology, hot stone and back massage. My neck was twisted and blissful 'prak prak' sound was heard buahahahah =D IT WAS THE BEST MASSAGE EVERRRRR!!!!!
  • Today we went for a city tour. Visited temples, China Town, the famous Cu Chi tunnel (it was quiet an adventure), shoppings in street market and bought lots and lots of SILK FABRIC!!!
  • Tonight, just a few minutes ago, i spontaneously (AGAIN) went for a brisk walk and suddenly decided to get a haircut. The hairstylist had a 'mafia/yakuza' looking face with scars all over his hand, near his head... but he cut my hair wonderfully =D LOVED IT!\
  • Tomorrow we're going to River tour to Mekong River and Ben Thanh market. If time permits, we're going to Zest Spa again to end our Vietnam holiday with a relaxing body massage.

I'm coming home on Tuesday. Till then, be good peeps.


Me ;)


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