Happy Hari Raya 2011

While others are having post holiday syndrome,
mine would probably be called the 'post fasting month syndrome' (i.e the 'i am slim' feeling during fasting month).
I got paranoid whenever i feel too full from open houses, even when i controlled my food intake and ate very little
The PMS week didn't help either.
I felt bloated and soooooooo fat, u have no idea how irritated my sis and BB must have felt when i whined non stop about how i looked in the mirror or when i'm 'feeling' a bit tight in certain clothes.
After two days of heavy flow, i'm back to being normal again muehehehe.
My weight got back to normal and i'm back feeling awesome too.
Ahh~ the 'perks' of being a woman

Anyways, if it's not too late, I'd like to wish all of my friends and family a Happy Hari Raya once again.
Please forgive me for any mistakes i've done and pardon my wrong doings if i ever hurt your feelings in anyways :)

My Hari Raya celebration this year was really simple.
No open house (my family's house that is), no personal shopping for baju raya (except the ones bought by my mom *love her to bit*), no beraya to grandma's house/gorge on her Nasi Ayam German & Serunding Daging in Likas (she's in KL now) and less family gatherings too.
Hrmm... kinda felt slightly less joyful..
BUT, despite all that, I'm grateful to have the opportunity to celebrate it with both of my beloved family and friends :)
Most importantly, i received MORE duit raya then last yearrrrr buahahahahahaha!!!!

At Istana

At Istana and At CM's Open Hse in Likas

At Istana

At Istana - omg the tarrpppss

At Dtn Salwah's Hse

At Dtk Sukarti's hse (SKN)

With Papa's family in Tuaran

Day 2 - Visit from favourite neighbour, Uncle Harun and family

Day 2 - At CM's open hse in Likas


On the way to Mama's event

At Abu's Hse

Daniel the Pak Lebai

At Ezwan's house in Papar - Our new family member :)

At Dtk Lajim's House

At Dtn Rahmajhan's hse (she owns RJ Couture and WW magazine)

Fyi, this will be my last year to celebrate Raya as an unmarried lady :)
I do pray however that from next year onwards, the joy of Raya celebration for me will never stop and the bond between families and friends will be closer and more enjoyable.

Oh! Uncle Kelana and little Cassel came back to KK from Indonesia as well.
We had our mini Seafood dinner at the Gayang Restaurant =D

Went to Otafuse in StarCity during the weekends and celebrated Sakuya's bday there.
Stepping onto the venue, couldn't help but to reminisce the time when i first cosplay with Marissa during HobbyCon 2007, active in GoLife, met new friends and also BB :P

Was informed (and noticed it myself) that a round green head figure was walking nearby our direction but turned back halfway when saw our presence and went straight to report to dearest mummy.
Weird. I didn't recall doing that during MY event for the last 2 years in a row.
Tsk tsk... I seriously do not understand what's going on in their head.
Is it me who's wrong here? Or their guilty coward feeling and self-proclaimed 'victim of situation' act is on the lose?
But.. but.. but... Is it not ME who's the victim of the twisted situation

Funny~ funny...
Oh well~..
off topic alert

Hari Raya is going on for whole 30 days.
If sedar diri, pandai2 lah minta maaf.
If no 'kemaluan', i don't think there's anyone else can help you but yourself.
If asked for forgiveness, make sure to mean it, improve and make it permanent.
Don't put on a 'forgive me' show to me like what happened last CNY 2010 at Jna's house when you're alone and isolated, and then made me look like a complete idiot (after i welcomed u) like what happened in Hangmen's house last Raya 2011, JUST BECAUSE u got back with ur spare tire and gained something from it.
The spare-tire is another thing.
To say ada otak or not.... ada.. no doubt memang ada
For your own sake, GROW UP.

*pui*pui*pui* throw negative energy out of the window

Met new kamen rider during the event.
*squeals with lots of hearts popping out*

Here is Sakuya's pic during the bday lunch at Wojamama :)

Yes, kamen rider joined us too

Loving this group photo

Was excited when Mel told me that she's coming back on the 4th Sept.
It was her birthday on that day (same as Sakuya's) but I decided to postpone the celebration since her flight only arrived at night.

As usual, had another mini ladies-night-out last night and this time at Boutique Cupcakes.
Of course, a cake is a must to celebrate my sistah~ ;3

ala... blur

Talking about birthdays, September has always been an exciting yet scary month for me.
There are 10.. (or was it 12?) birthdays happening this month do you know that? @.@
Lots of birthday presents to buy for all my good friends and colleagues~! XD

Anyways, Seri grown up soo fast!
It was just 2 months ago since i last met her and now she loves to baby talk whenever Mel and I were chatting XD

Isn't she BEAUTIFUL?? *eeeeee cubit cubit cubit kiss kiss kiss*

Since Syawal (Hari Raya) is happening for the whole month of September AND Moon Cake Festival on the 12th Sept, here's a few suggestion on what you can bring to friend's and family open house :)
Till next time, continue to enjoy your Hari Raya and have a blast Moon Cake Festival peeps!

Hari Raya themed cupcakes

Hari Raya layered cake

Cuppies moon for moon cake festival (RM7 each)

Cookies moon for moon cake festival (RM3.50 each)

12 cookies with 2 flavours (almond and peanut butter flavour)
+ box packaging is RM40


2 Responses to "Happy Hari Raya 2011"

maslight said... September 7, 2011 at 6:40 PM

Selamat Hari Raya maaf zahir batin. Tapi ada tu cowardly human come to my house uninvited trolololo. Waw, sungguh penakut sampai patah balik cry to the mum kwang kwang kwang. On another note, I really hope tuhan will bagi petunjuk ke jalan yang benar to you know who lol. Amin.

On another note, tu mooncake cupcake is so cute. Baby is so cute too. zomg!

Aya said... September 8, 2011 at 1:22 AM

Kan???? Cute betul. Told Julian that I hope insyaAllah my kids will b fair like Seri n cute too... He say 'fair? Cannot be~' WTH. knocks on wood n pray pray pray


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