counting days to raya 2011

It's 5.16am, and i've done with another sahur for the day.
Sims Social is not loading *sigh* , so forget about staying up till sun rise.

Mama and everybody announced that Raya will fall on 30th august.
Hrmm.. weird.. I could've sworn i saw the calender stated 31st last time ?
Or in usual case, Raya will fall on one day after the announcement was made (which on this year's case, announcement will be made on the 29th Aug).
Whatever it is, I'm happy with either day :)
I just fret that i have to return to work on Friday since it won't be a public holiday *pfft~*

Mama managed to get the big and fat Medjool kurma (dates) from her friend =D
Seriously, forget Yussof Taiyuub... it's skinny and tasted dry.
I only like their previous selections with almond/walnut in the middle.
But THIS brand (medjool) is large and sweet!
I'll be taking medjool as one of my diet regime after the fasting month to accompany my workout regime that is Monday and Wednesday class at Kinabalu Fighters *am joining as an official member, finally~*.. and Tuesday/Thursday, Friday and one of the weekends at my apartment gym (HIIT) and swimming pool...
Oh! maybe will try slot Yoga in between as well coz I've been skipping Monica's class at Core Fitness for months now =_="

Aight~ Sims Social is STILL not loading.
Gonna catch up some sleep now.
Rise and shine peeps~


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