Honeymoon Dream Location 2012

Ever since I've stumbled upon a traveling site to go for a '26 days Ultimate Europe trip', I've finally willing to let go of one of my Honeymoon dream location, that is, Japan.
Reason being, my parents were too worried about all the radiation and natural disaster happened few months back.
I've tried my best to re-assure my mom that not all areas are affected.. but she insisted that it's a NO GO

So oh well~ I was thinking to myself,
hey AT LEAST, travelling around Europe WAS one of my target since my last Uni year anyway...
Back then, my ex and I were planning to have a back packing trip with other uni friends and innocently set a target to save RM20k *thinking back, the amount made me want to vomit blood *
AND now.. who knows you can travel on a tour for only RM6-7k!
Add a return flight to that will only be additional Rm3k

Haa~ forget LA, Australia and America FOR NOW (ooo... i wan't to go to Costa Rica Spa in Central America too!), or even chilling on Malibu beaches for a week (Let's leave that in my diary for the future)...
for now Europe trip for a month will be superb!

The Air Asia's Osaka, Japan super low Cost Promotion last week...


All of the sudden, my mom approved of us going to Japan (what~... )
And after hearing the approval, BB jumped happily coz unlike myself, his main priority IS to go to Japan
It's not that I'm not excited for him.. but but but...
aww man... after all that excitement and plan to take 1 month unpaid leave

Now, we're still deciding.

Knowing how fast hostels/hotels in Japan get fully booked during the Sakura time, I've spent the whole last week planning my route and reserved the dates for decent places to stay.
Lucky me, i got a decent hotel which is the SAME PRICE as normal hostel, AND i don't need to pay a single cent :)
Any last minute cancelation can be made at least a week in advance without any cancellation fee too *bangga~*

As for Europe trip, I'm still waiting for their 2012 price which is only available next month.
Until THEN, then we will decide.

Either location, i'll be happy as long as it is a honeymoon with BB

Oh no~ it's 7 days to Hari Raya!
I have 4 months left to lose more weight!
Must... control.... food...



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