20 days of Ramadhan 2011 to go

10 days of Ramadhan gone by, and so is 1.5 of my kilos
I'm beginning to love brisk walking in Tun Fuad park.
Trying my best to achieve the minimum 10,000 steps a day to avoid my hip getting wider and wider
I respect BB how he can still have energy to do circuit training even after terawih.
Circuit training is a hell and super mental stress for me =_=
I prefer yoga, kick boxing training and dancing thank you :P

Was looking through all my old xanga posts just to find back an old animation video for reference.
Man.... seeing back, it was mostly fun back then.
Trips, gatherings, covering events... my blog posts were so colourful then and i miss it.
Less hate, more love.... Well i don't hate people except 1... well maybe 2 for being so stupid.

I stumbled a post where my family and I went to Perth for Cici's graduation.
Took few photos of all the houses there as it resembled almost like how i'm imagining my dream house/retire house would be in the future.

Hrmm... do you think it's possible to have an Australian-concept house here in KK?
with cool breeze that allows you to take a walk in the park during weekends...
or have picnic now and then...
Right now I'm imagining Bb and I walk hand in hand like those old couple i saw the other day...

Fast forward to the future, I would want to own just a medium sized house with a front porch, a garden (gardener will maintain it of course) and a small pond.
During the weekend, i would bake cakes and served fruit tea and watch over my grandchildren playing in the garden (typical, i know but i'm that old school )
But that won't work without a cool breeze weather...
So KK is out if i'm planning to have a house such as this :P

Mars suggested to send my kids to study in Australia, then apply for PR before i plan to migrate and retire there..
That's a great idea, but i do hate Summer... (freaking hot =_=)
Plus, i'll have to work hard (and smart) so that i can retire happily without having to think of money and work =P

Okay~~ tooooo far ahead....
What was i suppose to do originally...?
Oh... right.. find video animation..

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2 Responses to "20 days of Ramadhan 2011 to go"

maslight said... August 10, 2011 at 2:00 PM

LOL! I would want a house with a compound to work with eventhough I know it'd be tedious. But like you said, it's nice to have a place to sit and relax.

Anyways, wanted to join the circuit training but 9pm is my sleeping hours lol. And I'm cycling/treadmilling at home around that time sometimes when I feel bloated. I dun rike how I'm flabbing. Anyways, awesome that you manage to lose some weight yay ~ keep it up!

On another note, except 1 itu ehem we know who XD

Admin said... August 10, 2011 at 4:00 PM

kof kof *blush* kof kof


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