Eco shopping during Ramadhan

I have so many cravings these days.
If it weren't for the Ramadhan Month, i would have dragged Mars out to buy whatever i can find at the mart right next to our office.
Or maybe drive Nadia out for Hot Choc at Boutique Cupcakes... (she's always pissed if i do that coz she wants to lose weight)
Or how about take BB out for Chicken Cordon Bleu, Spicy MarryBrown Burger, Spicy Chicken McD, Dukbokki, Tiramisu and...
hrmm... you know what.. BB is not the right person to bring out while i have cravings..
He'll just encourage me to eat whatever i want =_="
Roarrr~~ ><".. must... discipline...
Else I'll need to do triple of 'The Jna's HIIT workout'

As for now, what i REALLY want to eat, especially during this fasting month is Bubur Cha Cha from Sri Keningau and also Bubur Lambuk.
Any idea where i can get delicious Bubur Lambuk in Bazaar Ramadhan KK?

Sri Keningau's Bubur Cha Cha

If you're out for crazy bazaar ramadhan shopping, please try to bring a big bag, OR use 1 big plastic bag and put all other small items in it.
You don't really need to ask the vendor for a big plastic bag when u just buy 1 piece of kueh.
Try to be an eco shopper and practice eco shopping once in awhile.
If you're lazy to bring a recycle bag, at least, like i said, try to combine items into 1 big plastic bag and save the rest.
It's not hard at all right?

One guy bought 2 pcs of kueh the other day from my grandma's stall.
I asked him if he can put the small plastic bag containing his kueh inside his other bigger plastic bag that he was carrying.
He insisted me on giving him another bigger plastic bag when he's already carrying soooo many plastic bags in his hand
Mau buat collection plastic warna warni is it?

Anyway, i passed my Japanese Level 2 Oral test last Monday
Final exam is coming soon and i really hope they'll open up Level 3 class next year.
Ganbatte~~ ^_^


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