R.I.P Lovely Trisha

Note: There are few photos below that some might find it disturbing. The mere purpose is to seek an answer as to why /what / how could all of these happened to all of my cats.


Trisha, our family cat passed away today, 22.9.2011 at 2:55am.
We watched over her till her last shot of breath.

It was heavy rain at that time.

4 days earlier, Trisha slowly becoming weak and occasionally coughs as if she was choking on a hairball or sharp object inside her throat.
Since it didn't stop for 2 days, we suspected that she might gotten food poisoning similar to her 3 children who died a week before.
She was pregnant at that time too, and gave birth to one premature kitten (a day b4 she was taken to the vet), but the kitten died, and a few more was left in her tummy.
Hence, for precautionary measure, my sisters brought her to the government vet for checkup.

At the clinic, the gov vet didn't know what was wrong with her and even threw the question back at my siblings (stupid).
They checked Trisha's mouth and saw nothing inside.
They claimed, it might be a pregnancy syndrom which they then gave Trisha one needle shot to ease her birth process.

Trisha gave birth to the remaining kittens within 8 hours after the visit.
Everything went fine after that.
She even slept on my bed, on Nadia's bed and spent most of her time breast feeding her new born kittens.

But who would have guessed what might happen after the sweet 24 hours.

At around evening while I was still in the office, my baby sis told me that Trisha suddenly peed in my room.
Nadia then brought her down to the garden for her to continue her toilet business.
Within merely minutes, Trisha was no where to be found.
She was missing for almost 5 hours, only to be found lying on the floor, in front of the door of our house at 9.30pm.
She was very weak, her throat was swollen, jaw locked, body beginning to cool down and producing a smell of a dying cat.

My siblings couldn't stop crying when I got back from my KF workout.
Trisha wouldn't eat, drink or even meowing.
Even at that stage, she still fed her hungry kittens.
I rubbed her to keep her warm and asked her to hold on till morning.
I even called Dr. Dennis of Century Animal Medical Centre close to midnight for advice.

Swollen throat/neck area

Trisha holding on

At 2.40am, i was woken up by the sound of Trisha's deep breathing.
I switched on the light and saw her sitting near the door.
I approached her, rubbed her gently and reminded her again to hold on.
She felt slight pain whenever we touched her right tummy area.
It was 6 more hours to go till the clinic open.

She then slowly stood up, walked to the book rack while gently rubbing her body against mine.
I switched off the light to continue my sleep...
Few seconds after that, Trisha made a loud choking sound and suddenly ran to the area nearby the kitten box and immediately fell down.
Nadia and I were startled and quickly switched back the light on and rushed towards her.

Trisha is nearing her final death.

How could this happened? T_T
It was only few seconds ago that she was showing a sign that she could hold on for a little more...

Trisha slowly gasped for air/chocked while fighting the pain.

We woke Cici up to witness Trisha's final moment.
It was a very painful sight to see...

Few minutes before Trisha's final breath, a red discharged came out from her genital area...

Her final gasp was accompanied by one shot of blood, which came out from her tummy and out to her mouth.

Trisha passed away at 2:55am...

I tried to close her eyes but only managed half..

She was in a position as if she was sleeping T_T
I carried her and placed her inside a box and put her in the kitchen.
Rain was too heavy for us to bury her.

Didn't she look like she was sleeping? T___________T

Rest In Peace... my lovely Trisha..

Thank you for all the joy you've brought to our family...

Some photos in memory of Trisha: Let her always be remembered dearly

Trisha, few months after Cici brought her home

Playing in the house garden

Days when Trisha was pregnant for the 1st time

Pregnancy exercise done by BB (konon.. lol!)

Yes.. we had a house slug

Trisha likes to watch TV

First born and became a mother for the first time

Days when Trisha scolded here naughty kittens

Dearest Trisha,

I promise that I will try my best to take care of your 2 new born kittens.

You have fought very very hard to bring them out to this world despite all the pain you must have felt.

Rest In Peace now Sayang...

I love you so much ...

is world


7 Responses to "R.I.P Lovely Trisha"

maslight said... September 22, 2011 at 11:47 PM

R.I.P Trisha. T_T she kinda looked like Pretty (my cat).

Fridaycat said... September 23, 2011 at 2:29 PM

So sorry to hear it Fara. Sampai menangis sia baca :( I know how it feels to lose a beloved pet. Rest in peace, Trisha. She was a lovely cat who had the privilege of having an owner like you.

Aya said... September 24, 2011 at 6:14 AM

Tq for reading both of u.. Kittens are doing well. Have to feed them every 2 hours including night/early morning time. They are 4 days now n slowly growing. Too bad their colour are not the same as Trisha :p

Nadia n i taking shifts to become their mother ie feed n help them pee n poo aft every meal. I Also put nadia's old cat plush inside the box to warm them up/ to snuggle with n also as Trisha's replacement so that they feel the mother is close by.

Don't think I'll b putting photos at the moment.. Terngiang2 In my head abt what my mom said yang taking photos will shorten their life (her late grandma said) True or not, wouldn't wanna risk It at this moment.

Anonymous said... September 24, 2011 at 3:42 PM

I am So sorry to hear about the loss of your cat,I know her Kittens are in good hands and will grow up to be happy and loved. Just like Trisha was. I wish you and the Kittens the best.

Cha said... September 26, 2011 at 11:49 AM

hi fara..so sorry for your lost :( sampai menangis juga baca..your trisha looks so much like my cat maya..i think she's pregnant now..have you found out what happen to trisha?

Aya said... September 26, 2011 at 11:58 AM

Anonymous - Thank you! wish me luck :)

Cha - I asked the vet.. from the photos he told me that it was food poisoning. According to another source, in might be virus affecting the whole group from saliva. I still strongly believe it was the first one.

NoyIbrahim said... October 11, 2011 at 9:00 PM

hi Farah,

Sorry to hear abt your cat.. she's so cute! i lost lots of my cats these days. i dunno what happened. some ada yg demam, kena racun la... mcm2 la.. huhu Rest in Peace Trisha :((


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