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Yesterday 02/07/06 , Sunday, all mmd staff went to the Canon Workshop organized by Canon. There, we saw loads of photographs being displayed, and during the talk session we were briefed on all the techniques required to capture a beautiful picture. Of course.. it wont be easily achieved if you only have point and shoot camera.

To cut long story short, after lunch session, we have free outdoor shooting and the ‘amoi’ models were provided. They posed here and there, different positions. Some just wont get tired posing at the trees.. Chiew said they can be monkeys, and better off climbing the coconut tree. Haha! Some are beautiful, some are just.. well.. no comment. After the outdoor shooting, they changed into very sexy and super short outfit. To be honest, one of the girls trying to adjust her skirt before seating on a chair, and ended up giving me a free show, i.e. imagine round peach wearing black thong. Hahahahah!

Even though I love learning about photography, tapiiii… tunggu lah aku kaya dulu yer~ Like Mr. Teoh (one of the speakers) said, “if you engaged yourself in photography, it’s like me marry my wife. If I marry her, I have to marry the whole family” Figure that one out!

At night, I brought my baby sis to CP and we ate at Japanese Dreamfood Restaurant. Thanx Foxy for buying 016 starter pack for me. Curses to DIGI for stop delivering 016 numbers. Can’t you seeee.. nobody likes your 014 number. The ‘4’ just doesn’t sound right!! As a reward, I treated Foxy for his dinner ;)) . He called my baby sis, “Little goofy~ eat some Takoyaki”, my sis looked at him… and I taught her to say “No thanx, big bad Foxy”. Ahaks! Jya!


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