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As I'm surfing for images in the net, I came across one photo that has one scene inside Cecelia Ahern's book "If you could see me now". Red dress.. near the beach.. having picnic. Aww.. Thanks Hugh Jackman for planning to put Cecelia Ahern's book into production. Yes, it'll become a movie soon..

Hugh Jackman will become the director of the film AND will play the character: Ivan the imaginary friend.

To be honest, while reading the book, I imagined Hugh Jackman to be Ivan, the little boy from the tv series 'Surface' to be the nephew : Luke and of course, the main character, Elizabeth, I imagine Charlize Theron. Why? Charlize Theron has always been an excellent actress to play a part of a lady that is always tension and stress as well as filled with problems...yet still have the love look in her eyes.. Strong.. byet weak deep inside... :) eerrr... hmmm.. Hey!... It's a compliment!

Thanks to my lovely Sis Sarah for recommending me a beautiful yet talented author : Cecelia Ahern. Also thanks to Kak Mie... for lending me the books.. without you, I wont get to read it unless buy them all. U know me.. Sekali beli... angkut semua terus.. Nguahahaha...

And for that, I'd like to recommend to those out there to read the book.. for the sarcastic people.. don't bother. Oh.. you can also try Sophie Kinsella.. that... i dedicate to the shopaholic.. like me.. Ngahahahah..~


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