Life Updates!

Life Updates! magnify

Okaaayyyy... it's been a while since I've updated my blog. Kesian kau blog... takper.. takper... Hmm.. what have I been up to lately.. apart from constant hanging out with my siao-siao friend Foxy Cleopatra.. I've been busy going off for client meetings, presentations and not forgetting bugging my other colleagues.

As for work, I'm currently working out on two projects.. independantly with Caleb's assistance of course. They are the Hari Wanita 2006 Launching Gimmick & Multimedia Presentation and not forgetting The Ministry Youth & Sports web portal. They loved the presentation.. they loved the ideas.. So now it depends on the price of the big project.

Since I've been quite busy lately.. (Of course, there are rests in between.. takkanlah kerja cam robot kaaan~).. I rarely hang out with Adzri and Leena. I miss them so much. I promise, next week, I'll hang out with them! Hontou ni desu! :D

I've watched Superman~ ~ Teng.... teng teng teng teng... teng~ teng~ teng~~ (Lagu Superman lah!!) Oh.. Brandon love... you look so gay yet so beautiful.. Grrr... Haba! Haba! Hahaha... I've also watched Pirates of Caribbean.. hmm.. even though some of my colleagues already spilled out some of the things that I shouldn't know...:P Johnny Depp (Jack Sparrow) funny as always, Keira Knightly... uhuhu.. Euuuu.... Orlando Bloom.. hmm..Sian~! although I've squeezed my brain hard enough to recall the previous story and trying to relate it with the version 2.. In the end.. I'm still blur.

Foxy Cleopatra asked me the questions like.."why did Will Turner's father become a slave to Davy Jones?" , "Why the Monkey is still cursed"?, "Why Jack Sparrow owes Davy Jones?" ... (Sigh~) In the end, we still have to wait for POC 3.

Finally, I've finished watching Prison Break, which all of these while sitting in my cupboard, crying. Wentworth Miller... U're bald head and serious look really make my heart melts. Darah naik especially the part where he kissed the lady doctor.. ShannarooooO!!!

Apart from that, whenever I'm back from work, I'll surely accompany my sister to watch Naruto. Best jugak cerita tu~ I've become addicted. Ngehehehe... \:D/

Last week, my colleagues and I went to play badminton. That was the second time since our first game. I guess last week was not my week. Not only that i fell while trying to catch Caleb's attack, my partner, Max, even accidently hit the ball onto my head (where he was supposed to hit the ball to the opponents). Now, the bruise on my knee has evolved from green colour to purple colouurrrrr!~~~ Kawaii.. <-- Ek.... Et..To'.....

And latest update.. last week... we went for badminton again... i noticed (baru notice?) that i sucks big time man! Even my partner and I accidently bumped our racquet together.. and just after i went home.. his racquet string putuuuuussss ... uwaaaa... gomennnnn :((

Oh ya! Caleb went to Hong Kong and he's back today! He brought my ipod nano's casing and its lovely green socks :D Arigatou ne ~ boss! While Caleb was in Hong Kong, I've handled most of the job, even met the clients on my own, and of course, as I've said earlier, I did a presentation with the Ministry Youth & Sport people. I even finished the proposal for them. If it's ON, it'll be a very FUN! FUN! FUN! and challenging project! I even listed out all my future plannings for the project. lalalala~

Congratulations to MR. OC upon getting the new job. I'm very proud of you and will always pray that you will excel in everything. Can't wait for you to come to KK too! :-*


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