Heads up!

I'm still here!

As usual, been keeping up and juggling my 3 babies who cried for deadlines almost everyday, not forgetting being a full time secretary to my boss.

I need vacation =_="
I need TLC!!!!
Surprise me.

Honestly I don't look forward to the month of May coz all my deadlines are in that month.
"It's also a hectic and problematic month with lots of politics" concluded by the oink2 in the feng shui book.

Waking up 'forcefully' early in the morning, work, gym, then work again before going to sleep is my everyday routine nowadays, and I tell u, I'll be dead bored if i'm gonna spend the quarter year of my life doing this repetition again and again without traveling somewhere and have a good time.

I know am struggling *and HAVE* to lose weight but I've been dying to eat Little Italy's Trenette Arrabiata T_T
Little Italy is under construction *that's what i've been told* but are they still operating?
Oh! and I miss secret recipe chicken cordon bleu too...
also CUBE's chocolate cheese cake *blames Dino for making me addicted*
also Kueh Teow Kerang...
Mix Grill at Eddie's Corner...
McD Spicy Fried Chicken...
Keropok Lekor...
Hot Rolls in 1B...
All I'm eating now is freaking grass and shakes!

I seriously hate listening to BB's statement every time he says something like "everybody is trying to lose weight while I'm trying hard to gain weight pula"

Pfft! *Chiap! Chiap! Chiap!*

Anyhow, skip the food...

What I look forward to in May are only 3 things.

7th-9th of May.
Mother's Day.
Trip to Japan.


Am going to Japan buahahahahaha!!

I bought the ticket AND *despite having debts* have some savings for it.

As for mother's day, do remind me to suggest Mei to have CUBE chocolate cheese cake in a heart shape form.
It'll look awesome for mama.

The green tea Swiss roll Serena brought tasted somewhat like the Coffee Bean green tea matcha.
I think I'm gonna have that tomorrow.



2 Responses to "Heads up!"

Mas Light said... April 24, 2009 at 6:55 PM

sotong bidak! mentang mentang doesn't gain weight hmph...

carla said... April 25, 2009 at 6:43 PM

omg........... O_O
so niiicccceeeeeeeeeeee


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